Biker routes jointly by Madrid

seems like the weather starts to improve and after a cold winter we prepare our bike to return to roll with it on the roads. Today we will see some of the best cyclist routes in the community of Madrid.

Rutas moteras en la comunidad de Madrid

What biker routes in Madrid?

Sunday morning and sunny. We enfundamos monkey and take our bike exit path A6 motorway to junction 18 and take the M-505 road. Galapagar climbed port, with two lanes of asphalt and very good climb and pass San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Without departing from the road, about 50 km after leaving Madrid we arrive port of Green Cross. This is a perfect place for reecontrate with biker friends and to enjoy the latest models of motorcycles and monkeys in the big square full of parked motorcycles of all makes and models, while we take a drink without alcohol in some of the bars that is there.

¿Qué rutas moteras hay en la Comunidad de Madrid? When port of Green Cross we can take two directions. We can do a little path nine and a half kilometers and take M-512 to Robledo de Chavela and then return. We find a pretty good road visibility in its first paragraph here. Another option is to continue along the M-505 to Las Navas del Marqués, about 12 kilometers, and the province of Avila. At the roundabout into town we have to make a mandatory stop in Magalia Restaurant and enjoy one of their famous burgers and surrounded by a nice biker environment.

Depending on the time, our biker route follow the direction Avila and do long route during passing this town 90 km to the Puerto del Pico, one of the best ports for a server that has rolled, or return to Madrid

had a little knowledge and some of these biker routes around Madrid

Photos Jose Javier Martin Sparta, if you love me

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