Billy Monger already has the medical discharge, and you want to run

Billy Monger

Billy Monger, after the stunning crash of the F4 british that left him without his legs, he has been able to leave the hospital to continue his recovery at home. The young driver of 17 years old (turned 18 last Friday), recovers from his serious injury and most important of all is that it does so with enough force of will and courage for the future. So much he wants to compete again, he wants to run again despite their circumstances. It is to be a champion!

From here we wish all the best to the young pilot and to get their dreams. Hopefully, we can see you again jumped to another car. What is certain is that the medical staff has already given to the hospital, so that his recovery goes from strength to strength, in addition to having already spent the hours most critical since it happened the fatal outcome in which Billy Monger collided with a stopped car on the track to not see it. Certainly the video from your camera onboard is impressive since you don’t expect that you have a car there…

Sky News has been responsible for issuing a video of two minutes recorded in the hospital in Nottingham where the guy was quiet and with a lot of encouragement to get back running again. “I Still have a few years, so I want to show everyone how much you can do, even with something like this. “. Without a doubt an example of strength. In addition he thanked all the support they have received from the F1 and the donations that have been made: “All this support makes me more determined to return to the car to run again. That is the goal“.

Billy also explains how the GPDA sent a letter of support signed by dozens of pilots and world champions that he admires. He explains that in reading the letter, after she had another page with the signatures: “That I came to the heart. Some of those names are my heroes. I was without words.“. And he did not want to forget the staff at the hospital that has treated: “Has been very inspiring to see how much I support, how much support to all the patients. Without them I would not be here. Thank you to all the staff that has helped me. It will be emotional to say goodbye.“.