Binotto believes that Ferrari must recover its capacity to innovate


Ferrari was in a position to fight for the world title for the last time in 2012, when Fernando Alonso lost the World Championship at the hands of Sebastian Vettel by just three points.

But even before that-and after nine years of drought-, Ferrari has been criticized for its lack of leadership in terms of the technical, always rowing upstream, and lack of lack of innovation.

That is something that Mattia Binotto, the Technical Director of the Scuderia, shares and notes as the key for that Ferrari again competing for the title, something that you think is going to happen sooner or later. “It’s only a matter of time. What we have lost at times over the years is the ability to react quickly. We must introduce new solutions before the rest”, commented on the christmas celebration organized in Maranello.

The season 2017 is an ideal time to regain the ability to surprise and be trendsetting, because the new regulation requires engineers to start from scratch in regards to the aerodynamics, suspension and many other mechanical items. “There are so many changes in the rules in relation to the aerodynamics, we will see that the cars are much faster in the bends, in acceleration and in braking”, said Binotto, who during the summer break of 2016 started a restructuring of the team structure to try to return to Maranello to the path of victory.