Biography F1: Button: the sensitivity made pilot


Jenson Alexander Lyons Button is one of those pilots that, if
given the circumstances appropriate, is capable of beating anyone. And
the passage of the years has shown us that, in this ‘any’,
come riders of the caliber of Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton and
Fernando Alonso.

Jenson is the representation of the pilot tender, that has a
supernatural capacity to detect what happens in a car
. This has always been one of its greatest virtues, but
also his greatest limitation.

Family carrerista

Jenson was born on 19 January 1980 in Frome, a town in the
south-west of England. His father, John Button, was the one who instilled in him
the love for motor racing, as that was a pilot
Rallycross and above all, who gave him a kart at the age of eight.
Jenson grew up with his mother when she divorced John, but the
relationship with both of them was always very close and John accompanied him without
interruption during the whole of his career and until his
death in 2014

With nine years won the British SuperPrix and in 1991 won the
34 races of the that were in the british championship for
cadets. Some of their results most impressive in the eight years
he has competed in karting were the Runner-up position in the World of
Formula in 1995 and the third place in the World Cup of that
same category in 1996
, in front of riders of the caliber of Giorgio
Wetland. The following year, the last before moving on to the
cars-, was proclaimed Champion of the European Formula Super A.

1998 was one of the seasons key in his career. Gave
the jump to single-seaters to coincide with his age of majority, and won
the british championship of Formula Ford, in addition to the Formula Ford
Festival. The young Jenson was made with seven wins, nine pole positions,
seven fastest laps and twelve podiums
in a display that earned him
the winner of the young rider of the year in the awards granted by
Autorsport and McLaren.

The following year, as part of the award granted by McLaren,
completed a test with the Formula 1 team and also one with the
now-defunct team Prost. But before that, took part in the
british championship of Formula 3, in which he won three races and
finished the season as best rookie and third overall.
To complete the season, participated in the Marlboro Masters of F3
in Zandvoort and the Macau Grand Prix, in which he finished fifth and
second, respectively
(by only 35 thousandths in front of Darren

Generation PlayStation

Jenson was the forerunner of the so-called ‘Generation PlayStation’,
that emerged with the turn of the century in Formula 1 and continued
with Kimi Räikkönen and Fernando Alonso. All of them were pilots
cortísima age and, in the case of the first two, even less
experience in single-seaters, jumping directly to the Formula 1
without going through the Formula 3000 or other championships in single-seaters

But his signing for Williams in 2000 is not precisely simple.
The team wanted to have a british pilot and Jenson had
many prestige, but his experience was very limited. Alex Zanardi
had not convinced in 1999 and Bruno Junqueira, the tester of the
team at the time, seemed a clear choice to accompany
Ralf Schumacher. At the last moment, after a promising test with
Prost, Frank Williams called him to perform a test in January.
not really, it was only a test, but a pure and simple competition lasts for
to determine who got the seat
. Both Button as
Junqueira came to Montmeló aware of what it faced,
but the new BMW engine, which made its debut in Formula 1 this year-not
had sufficient reliability as to allow a
assessment early.


Finally, both pilots knew the verdict of Frank
Williams and Patrick Head minutes before the official presentation of the
team and Jenson became the british youngest debut
in the highest category.

The phenomenon Button

Soon the popularity of Jenson Button reached a
unimaginable in Britain, that was expected with impatience a
successor of Damon Hill with more thrust that David Coulthard was
having. Wicked young, photogenic, and faster, Jenson is
became the perfect model to exploit

His debut in Australia was not all positive. Suffered a
accident in free practice and qualified second-last to
second and a half ahead of Ralf Schumacher, but recovered in race and
came to roll in the points before having to leave by breakage
from the very young BMW engine in his Williams.

The exhibition of the year for Jenson Button: in the Grand Prix of Germany.

In the following race held in Interlagos, Jenson overtook
his teammate in qualifying and became the pilot more
young to score points in Formula 1. Your star moment of the
season was the German Grand Prix, in which was a
second and a half to finish on the podium in a race marked by the
intense rain that just fell in the middle of the circuit of Hockenheim

(before being remodeled as we know it now). Button
managed to master a track very unpredictable and delicate,
showing up with this which would be his hallmark: a
extraordinary sensitivity to detect the state of the track and the
reactions of the car in each time.

unfortunately for him, Williams had a plan from
a long time ago: to bring Juan Pablo Montoya to Formula 1. That, along
with half the points that Ralf Schumacher at the end of the season,
led Jenson to seek other teams.

Williams F1 Victories Poles fast times Podiums Points Km. Led Large Premios
0 0 0 0 12 0 17

Benetton Renault

Flavio Briatore decided by Jenson to accompany the
promising Giancarlo Fisichella in the Benetton, who was preparing for
receive to Renault, who had decided to return to the Formula 1tras
16 years of absence. Unfortunately, the potential of the car was
pauper and the first season of Jenson was disastrous,
getting only two points and being widely outdone by his
. In 2002, with Renault taking charge, the
car improved enough to allow of Enstone
to finish the season in fourth place of the championship
builders. This season the partner of Jenson was Jarno
Trulli, whom he defeated at the end of the season, but Briatore prepared
since the arrival of Fernando Alonso and the mixed performance of Jenson
not served to convince him that he should go on trusting in him.


Briatore scolded him that he was the most outstanding of your life
social, that had expanded like foam in Great Britain.
Jenson protagonizaba television programs, interviews, parades
fashion and stories of all kinds while his career wavered back and forth.

Benetton F1 Renault F1 Victories Poles fast times Podiums Points Km. Led Large Premios
0 0 0 0 16 0 34

Your confirmation

BAR-Honda has changed his career forever, something that neither
even he came to understand until years later. After his
output of Renault, a lot of people thought it was a toy
broken most of the Formula 1. But, after a first good year in him
personal, but discreet at the team level, Jenson exploded in 2004.
The car responded and Jenson became one of the animators
of the Formula 1, becoming the strongest opponent of the
powerful Ferrari
. Jenson finished the season in the third
position in the championship, after scoring in 15 of the 18 races of the
year, in which he got a pole position and ten podiums.

leadership on the team was already clear, but the team gave a
clear step backwards in 2005, adding fuel to the scandal of Imola.
Button had managed to finish on the podium in a career in the
we saw a superb duel between Fernando Alonso and Michael
Schumacher. But the technical checks further revealed
that BAR had tried to deceive the commissioners with the weight
, being disqualified from the Grand Prize and the two
following to be held in Spain and Monaco.

For when the team wanted to get the first points of the
season already had participated in nine races and Jenson decided to
accept the offer that Williams had made him to return with the
team that had made its debut. But the interpretation that the
lawyers of the Button made the contract was not compartida by the BAR and
Honda -which took control of the team since 2006-, so that the
dispute had to be solved in the CRB (Contract Recognition Board), which
ruled in favour of BAR. Although Jenson was not aware of
that, the decision of the CRB was the basis of their future success
. A
decision that he wrote his destination, quite possibly, in a way
much more polite, even if to do so would have had to spend their particular

BAR F1 Victories Poles fast times Podiums Points Km. Led Large Premios
0 2 0 12 139 406 53

First victory

2006 was a special year for Jenson. Honda came to take the
total control of the team, getting a single-seater with which to choose,
at least, to fight for the podium. But, in a historic Grand Prix
of Hungary, Jenson, gave a demonstration to the level of the
best pilots of all time to get his first
victory in the Formula 1 after 112 grand prix competitions
. The
british had left in the 14th position of the grill for
paddling under the flood and a track that was drying up

That year ended in a very positive way for Jenson, who was
near double in points Rubens Barrichello -who had come
from Ferrari-, adding in addition to one pole position and three podiums at the end of the

Honda aspired to fight for the title, but the single-seater 2007
it turned out to be an absolute disaster. Barrichello not scored in all the
year and Button managed only six points that left Honda in the
eighth position in the championship. In November, Honda announced the
signing of Ross Brawn that, knowing that the car of 2008 was already
very advanced and would not be a step forward, decided to allocate this
season to prepare with guarantees of the regulatory change in 2009
Soon the wisdom of Brawn began to bear its fruits and the single-seater
2009 yielded figures brightly in the wind tunnel, without a doubt
helped by the double diffuser. But the board of directors of Honda, which
had spent billions on a project that had given only
a victory in three seasons and had left the team ninth in
the constructors of 2008, lost patience and
he decided to leave.

Ross Brawn decided to take control of the team and, although in a
beginning Bruno Senna was the one destined to accompany Rubens
Barrichello, finally decided to keep Jenson in spite of its
a disastrous season in which he had fallen prey to the
demotivation. Ross knew they had a winning car, but
also that the budget would end soon and decided to go
by two expert pilots
that will handle the situation with calm.

Honda F1 Victories Poles fast times Podiums Points Km. Led Large Premios
1 1 0 3 65 116 53

The miracle

The championship achieved by Jenson Button in 2009, is one of
the milestones most striking in the history of motorsport. Jenson
he was in charge of brand new the Brawn BGP01 at Silverstone on a cold
morning of the 6th of march at Silverstone
. The team had missed
several test and was late to prepare for the start of the season.
The car sported a white pristine with no trace of sponsors and
he rode a Mercedes engine that had been hired at the last minute
after the shock of Honda. Nothing was to please… except the car.

To Jenson it lacked a little to scream in ecstasy when he checked the
speed of the car in its first trip to the track. As the
Rubens Barrichello later recognized, the face of Jenson to the
go back to the box he left all those present there that the data of the
simulation were real

The team opened the season sweeping both the Williams and
Toyota -which also had the double diffuser – and the rest of
teams, who were trying by all means to prohibit said
element aerodynamic as they were developing in a hurry to
incorporate it to your car in case their wishes were not

And not what was, so that Jenson took advantage to win five of the
first seven races while Barrichello tried to resolve their
problems of adaptation to the brakes of the BrawnGP
. When the
brazilian he finally did, Jenson already had an advantage almost
insurmountable. Button began to have problems to generate temperature
in the tires and, little by little, was losing momentum, but its
flawless first half of the season served as a support for
make him the new World Champion and star of one of
the stories most evocative of the history of the carreras.

BrawnGP Victorias Poles quick Turns Podiums Points Km. Led Large Premios
6 4 2 9 95 1.322 17

Lewis Hamilton

With the title in the pocket, and Mercedes buying BrawnGP,
Jenson Button came to McLaren as a replacement for Heikki Kovalainen,
that had not yielded to the level expected with Lewis Hamilton. No one
I expected too much from Jenson, that was not considered by many to be a
champion too meritorious
. Hamilton had been champion in 2008 and
he was regarded by many as the new star of the category. But
Jenson managed to give the carving showing to what extent
the 2009 title had made him mature.

At McLaren, Jenson showed us a face more serene and full of
bright moments. Hamilton suffered enough to match the
performance of Jenson at the first two seasons, while the
things have changed since 2012, at which time the now pilot
Mercedes has matured in a remarkable manner, and laid the foundation of the
pilot that we know of today.

In any case, Jenson always gave the face and gave strength and
consistency to the team, something that became more evident when
Hamilton went away and came Sergio Perez and Kevin Magnussen
Strength that now, with Fernando Alonso as teammate, we continue to
checking stroke to stroke. Both tend to be very
matched in qualifying and, although in the race the Spanish usually
bring the singer voice, Jenson has given us exhibitions of great
calibre, such as the recent Hockenheim and Monza.

McLaren F1 Victories Poles fast times Podiums Points Km. Led Large Premios
8 1 6 26 904 2.041 129

Improvement over the years

Jenson Button has managed to resist the comparison
with virtually all the companions he has had in his career.
Ralf Schumacher, Jacques Villeneuve, Giancarlo Fisichella, Jarno
Trulli, Rubens Barrichello, Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez and Fernando
Alonso have been proven as, to the extent that they have met the years,
the performance of Jenson has been growing over time

Button demonstrated an innate ability to detect the
movements of the car, by imperceptible they may be. That will has
become a pilot special in changing conditions
require redescrubrir the state of the track at every curve, but
it also became their biggest limitation
, because when the
car does not work as he needs, and the insecurity takes over
he. The experience of the years has been minimizing that feeling and
has enabled her maturity as a rider, making him less vulnerable
and more full.

“A pilot quiet know what the rear of the car is going to
do. Most of the things happen in slow motion for him,
that is why it is so good in joint conditions. For some, things
happen too fast, but Jenson can see what the car is going to
do.” Rubens Barrichello

Very probably, Jenson has been underestimated the most
of his sporting career. The boom generated around them following your
debut with Williams ended up turning against him but, with
work and perseverance, he managed to banish that fame of playboy that
he had for many years. Jenson has managed to evolve to
become one of the pilots most coveted by the teams
pointers. will never be the fastest or the most complete but, if
have a good day-and that happens fairly often for a while
in this part, you can beat anyone

Career profesional
Karting 1988-1997
Champion with seven victories (Formula Ford British) 1998
Champion of the Formula Ford Festival (Formula Ford) 1998
3rd place with three wins (british Formula 3) 1999
2nd in the Macau Grand Prix (Formula 3) 1999
8th ranked Williams (Formula 1) 2000
17th ranked Benetton (Formula 1) 2001
7th classified with Renault (Formula 1) 2002
9th classified with BAR (Formula 1) 2003
3rd place with a BAR (Formula 1) 2004
9th classified with BAR (Formula 1) 2005
6th place with a Honda (Formula 1) 2006
15 classified with Honda (Formula 1) 2007
18th-ranked Honda (Formula 1) 2008
World Champion with BrawnGP (Formula 1) 2009
5th classified with McLaren (Formula 1) 2010
vice-World Champion with McLaren (Formula 1) 2011
5th classified with McLaren (Formula 1) 2012
9th classified with McLaren (Formula 1) 2013
8th classified with McLaren (Formula 1) 2014
16th ranked with McLaren (Formula 1) 2015
15th ranked with McLaren (Formula 1) 2016
sporting Achievements in the Formula 1
World drivers Championships 1
World Championships of constructors 1
Great Prizes disputados 298
Victorias 15
Pole positions 8
Turns rápidas 8
Podios 50
Puntos 1.231
Miles led 3.886
Kilometres travelled 78.865