Biometrics, the big step for the analysis of accidents in Formula 1


From this season, all the Formula 1 cars carry
installed a high-definition camera that points directly at the hull of the
. The goal is simple: to study with precision the movements of the
head during an accident, to be able to corroborarlos with the data that shed
the sensors of the car and the accelerometers that each pilot carries on his

This camera, which operates at a resolution of 100 frames per
(one per hundred), has proven its utility in the investigation of the
first big accident this season, suffered by Fernando Alonso in the
Grand Prix of Australia, to reflect that the helmet of the pilot asturian hit
with the side protection left on two occasions
, thus confirming the two
peaks shown in the analysis of the accelerometers.

All of this has been revealed in the report of the accident,
published this week by the Global Institute for the Safety of the
of the FIA. Their general manager of research, Laurent Mekies,
commented that the work of your agency is a continuous work, and look
optimism the next big step to take: the implementation of biometrics as
security tool

“it Is a task that has no end, but it is certainly a step very
significant. The next step is the biometrics: to collect data from the pilots,
as the heart rate, body temperature and even the levels of
sweating. I Hope that we will be able to test it with a pilot before
the end of the season
, at least in a test. The biometric data help us to
knowing the condition of the pilot before, during, and after an auto accident, in what
as to the rescue operations”.

to Know the state of health of a rider accurately following a
accident helps the health care team can assist you with greater efficiency, and
may prove crucial in situations of gravity. In addition to the biometrics,
is driving the implementation of a greater number of cameras that control
the pilot, and the addition of the Halo, planned for 2017, can offer positions
of great help in this regard.

Are just some of the many ideas that are fostered in these
estates, in pursuit of perfect security, something that emphasizes
Mekies, it should never be done, because you can always improve:

“you Can imagine a million
things morning. Can you imagine trying to to estimate the forces that supports the
upper trunk of the pilot through the seat belts
example. It is something that they will never stop, as is research on
security, and we will continue searching for the limits to get a deeper understanding