Black clouds in the automotive industry: emissions of the diesel Mercedes, under scrutiny in U.S.

just a few days Ago, Daimler announced the results of the best year of its history at the economic level. Dieter Zesche – CEO of Daimler – announced then the renewed commitment of the group with the diesel: 2,600 million euros will be invested in the coming years in the development of diesel engines efficient. After the Dieselgate of Volkswagen, the automotive industry is under scrutiny and is now Mercedes which is being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice What has happened? Should we worry about it?

US wants to know more about the emissions control systems and internal procedures of Daimler.

it All began with a few Volkswagen engine 2.0 TDI which emitted more NOx than it should in circulation, while varied in its combustion test benches in order not to fail the approval testing of emissions. A fraud in every rule, whose repercussions are not yet felt to the full in the industry. The scandal already known as “Dieselgate” will bring queue, I assure you. And the worst consequence is not the loss point of a group automobile, or an excessive level of emissions, that will be solved.

mercedes-diesel-pikes-peak-2The worst consequence is that the automotive industry has lost a good part of its credibility. And the best consequence is that it is shedding light on a problem that already had warned for years: the procedures for the approval of emissions and consumption are not realistic. Are a test that the manufacturers come to knowing the answer tos, and at times can do traps. Traps illegal as the software of the Volkswagen Group, or legal pitfalls, such as those that affect Daimler and Opel among other brands.

In this case, the operation of the systems anti-pollution is more efficient in the laboratory, and more lax in circulation – whether in hot – alleging protection of the mechanical to vary its operation. It is fully legal and complies in the laboratory. That is logical or properly protect the environment seem to be considerations secondary. After reaching an agreement with the volkswagen Group, the Department of Justice has now his sights on Daimler, and in their approval procedures.

mercedes-glc-coupe-2016-17Daimler sells some vehicles with a diesel engine in the united States. The engines Bluetec six-cylinder was actually developed with US in mind and are sold from years ago in large sedans and SUV’s. Recently, Daimler has begun to sell diesel engines of four cylinders in the U.S., even to promote them by uploading a C 220 d to Pikes Peak. The united states is not accused Daimler of misleading broadcasts, but they want “more information” about their certification process.

few months Ago, Daimler received a class action lawsuit in the U.S., accusing them of misrepresenting the NOx emissions of their diesel engines. The German group denied any involvement about it, defending their good work. But apparently, the plaintiffs have not abandoned their efforts, and this investigation by the Department of Justice wants to shed definitive light on the subject, . What seems clear, is that in all the casseroles, baked beans, and the fact that the automotive industry is under strict examination in these moments.

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