Black Friday 2015: cars on offer during this week


Black Friday 2015 is already here and some dealers it will extend until the end of the month

Sure that what you have heard on the radio or on television, is about the Black Friday 2015. This fashion business imported from the united States takes a few years established with great success in our country. Many products at prices irresistible, and also cars, as many

unlike the conventional products, the majority of dealers has implemented not only a day of sales, but the whole week, some even more. Since last Monday, 23, until next Friday, the 27, dealers across the country will offer mouth-watering discounts for the products, most of them in stock.

SEAT was one of the great pioneers of this business strategy in the year 2013. To it have been added to almost all brands. If we look back we must recognize that it is at all successful, since last year, only in the week of Black Friday, sold more than 11,000 vehicles. Awesome.


Ford has changed the black for the blue. Because they are worth it

Tips for Black Friday 2015

dealers expect this year to be more profitable. The discounts will be widespread, but be careful with what you purchase and how they purchase. Many of the offers will be subject to a financing, so, you should look at the small print and find out how to proceed with the payments, which are taxes, interest rates and everything related to the disbursement.

is Not the same to buy a shirt, a car, the latter may not be returned, so there’s that to look very well what to purchase. We recommend you to make a round through the dealers. The campaign of Black Friday 2015 is not something widespread. Are the dealers that decide to join the same or not, so there will be variations in price between one and the other.

To be close to the end of the year, retailers are facing a time of stress and adjustment. Each year they have to meet a sales quota, so if a dealer has already filled that quota, or is close to cover, bring different offerings to the other which will still be more units to sell. it Is important to look for then do not discover that we could have saved a few euros a few kilometers away.


Thousands of cars will be sold during these days. There is to be careful not to rush

of course, it is important that we do not give cat by hare. You go to the dealership taught and with the tasks done. Know what you want to buy, it is an important expense, and the decision can not be taken lightly. Above all, test the car, “cátalo”, find out what you like and what not, and question any doubt.

I must say that in Spain the offers will be interesting, but nothing compared to the united States, a founder country of the Black Friday. On the other side of the pond go crazy over this day, so much so that two years ago a dealer in Houston came to bid ¡cars for a dollar! You can imagine the queues that had to be done with one of them.

said, if you are going to buy a car taking advantage of the Black Friday 2015 stay tuned, we already have given you five tips when buying a new car. Because as the saying cheap you can end up costly. In the end, as we have said before, is about the end of the year, so there will be many more “Friday black”.