Black Friday was a good day of sales of vehicles in Spain


Black Friday also boosted the sale of automobiles

last week we witnessed the flurry of deals of all kinds during the Black Friday. The so-called Black Friday came to any kind of sales, even to the car. Some manufacturers offered special promotions for the last week of November. According to Anfac, there was a increase substantial in enrollment during that specific day.

sold 7.564 cars for Black Friday

last Friday, The 27th of November, were sold in Spain 7.564 cars, representing a an increase of 23.5 % compared to the previous day. The Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Cars and Trucks suggests that Black Friday has been of great help although it is also one of the last days of the month and penultimate month of the year, when some dealerships will offer special discounts to close sales with better numbers.

Even so we’re not going to take away merit to the issue, what is certain is that this is being a good year of enrolment in Spain. In 2015, the period from January to November, the Spanish industry accumulates a volume of 934.000 enrollment, which means a increase of 21% with respect to the same period in the previous year.

According to forecasts, this year will be the best for more than half a decade. It is estimated that the year 2015 would be over and above the barrier million registrations, a figure that took six years in a row without getting. The positive trend has been spectacular, so much so that we become the market of the European Union among the big five that more you grow.

let’s Hope that these numbers are maintained in the subsequent financial years when the aid of the Plan PIVE cease to exist. For the moment, the PIVE 8 has decided to take up more than half the year 2016.