Black ice, what it is and how to act before him

Hielo negroIf I say that I say key words that may define christmas, including those related to family, and reunions will surely colarán the cold and the holidays. Both words entail dangers for the driving that we face, and is that because of these holiday trips is multiplied, and, by reason of the cold, the road conditions can be altered dangerously. Among the most common hazards, frost and snow, two climate phenomena that will require the driver maximum attention on the road.

Related with both concepts we find in the so-called black ice, a name which is given to the thin layer of ice that can form on the surface and that it is barely visible to our view. Really the nickname of “black ice” is because to be virtually transparent, let see behind it the dark color of the road, which gives it a black colour or dark. We are going to learn more about this phenomenon in addition to learning some tricks that will help us if we come across him.

What is black ice?

Hielo negroas definíamos in the previous lines, the black ice is defined as a thin layer of ice that appears on the surface and due to its small thickness, lightproof. Despite the fact that usually relate to the road, not only manifests itself in the asphalt, also making it in the mountains with the danger to climbers or along the vessels, disrupting its stability.

One of the features that makes it more dangerous black ice is the false security that the view may give you. On both sides of the black ice can be found small fragments of snow or slush, contrasting with the black of the asphalt which occurs after the ice and that gives the driver an inaccurate perception that that stretch is free of snow and ice. This can lead to that the driver does not slow down, and therefore, can come to losing control of the vehicle.

Hielo negroUsually the black ice appears at first in the bridges because your driveway is more exposed to the sudden drop in temperature. This factor makes it even more dangerous to the black ice bringing even more dangers in loss of control on a stretch of these features.

Is vital pay attention to the road more when the temperatures ranging from values below zero or close to them. Although the view does not contemplate a situation as dangerous, not advisable to travel at a high speed. Precisely, just a few days ago, this phenomenon was guilty of an accident in Alava that involved 11 cars and ended finally with three wounded. In spite of the preventive tasks of the provincial council of alava, a frost sudden caused this crash in string.

Some tracks to locate it

hielo-negro (15)First of all, prudence. We must always travel with the five senses on the road more hours in the dawn or dusk by the temperature fluctuations. In the same way we must maintain a proper speed even when it seems that the road is in good condition. Normally the black ice is formed when as yet the temperature has not increased, or in areas in the reach of sun rays. The roads with trees that block a good part of the road, the low traffic, the entrances and exits of tunnels or bridges, as we have mentioned, these scenarios are likely to contain black ice.

a Lot of “eye” to the areas of the road with a deeper hue, the black ice is formed by a thin layer of ice, which causes it to stop seeing the black color of the road. Normally, as we approach this layer begins to have a brighter, more intense, and it is that it is ice, a little, but ice, so that will emit a glow that can give us clues that we find to this phenomenon.

As the act before him

hielo-negro(12)If despite following these tips, we find ourselves treading on a layer of black ice, and we noticed as our car loses adhesion, it is essential that we maintain the calm. Although, this phrase is curious because in these situations it is difficult to keep the composure, although the instructions are clear and simple. If driving on snow requires the driver a softness, doing it on ice, forces us to push ourselves even more.

Reduce speed to in cases of ice or snow is critical, so you stop accelerating it will be one of the first rules that we have to take into account. Equally important is not stepping on the brake, as that will benefit to the loss of control of the vehicle. The address is only used in case of need for, always doing it with a gently exquisite. Finally you should not require to the tire, avoiding braking at the same time that we turn.

In these cases the prevention also plays an important role, avoiding at all times a driving sudden full of “sudden acceleration” and “braking”. to Maintain the distance with the vehicle traveling in front is the same way transcendental, to be a practice of mandatory compliance in any situation, but that if anything, is more relevant in these cases. We have to take into account the performance of the ESP, if our car has it, system that will ensure our security by acting when we lose adhesion.