Bluemove, the app with which you can rent a car for hours #huyedeltrafico

What if you could rent a car for hours from a mobile app, as you order a taxi or a pizza? And if you also had a competitive price and could be an alternative to having car in big cities? In Madrid and Seville the solution exists and is called Bluemove . The larger and denser a city, have own car is closer to being a problem than a solution. The advantages diminish: jams, lack of parking spot, parking prices and rental space, etc. Bluemove try the service as part of our #huyedeltrafico initiative.

In addition, the public transport network is more complete and efficient largest city. The future of cities is probably a system of autonomous car sharing , we get picked up at your door and take us to our destination without having to worry about where to park them sooner or later – that’s the problem car, that’s why it is autonomous. Moreover, these autonomous cars will not be our property. Until that time, Bluemove is the first step.

How does Bluemove?

Bluemove is renting cars per hour, which are collected and returned in car parks scattered around the city center.

Bluemove for now only works in Madrid and Sevilla , but the company plans go through a territorial expansion level Spain. Bluemove has spread across multiple cars parking in the inner cities and in various forms. For example, in our case, just three minutes from my website had a parking with Rio Kia and Volkswagen Caddy available. In general it is urban or utility vehicles , urban nature, which is the frame to which they will be limited.

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In Bluemove is paid hourly and per kilometer . It is a radically different model of conventional rental cars, metered by day and with a feeling of constant oppression, in which it seems that a mistake will be penalized tremendously. The hourly rate Bluemove are low, start at approximately 2 € / hour, and also km . The final amount is an amount for the used and an amount for the mileage, that simple.

Do not pay for gas, is included in the cost of use, regardless of where you consume.

The car sharing is one of the strongest trends in the world of mobility right now. Bluemove has conducted a survey among its users, who wield the convenience and savings versus having own car as the main reasons for using the service . The use of these vehicles is given is usually the get away on holidays or weekends, or transfer to family and friends. 93% of respondents believe that car sharing is already a consolidated basis for future mobility alternative.

The discharge process

The registration process is very simple, you can register directly with the app , available for Apple and Android. It is through the same app you cover your data is simple because even lets you take a picture of your DNI and your driving license. You can choose to send you the card at home or go through one of the parking where the delivered . These car parks are signposted and parking staff has controlled process, at least that was our experience by giving us high in Bluemove.

Book and take a car

book through the app car you want and the desired time slot . If this car is available, the process is almost immediate: You can leave the house and while you go to the parking reserve it. Enter the parking and locate the car. Card approach to the windshield, where a reader, and the door opens. Once inside – in the glove compartment – you find an onboard computer with the key that pluck off the car. You must answer a question on whether the car is clean and if damaged.

is perhaps the hardest part, because if you want to do well you have to leave the car and check it. From there the key is released and as you use it as a normal car. In our case, every time I took the same car, a Kia Rio with 11,000 km and simple gasoline engine. Its operation was correct at all times. To leave the car, you put the key into the computer, you close the car with the card and go. But if you park the car in use, do not have to use the card, but the normal key.

Is it worth your rates?

Public transport is cheaper but much slower and uncomfortable, and may not have good combination to our destination.

A practical example: Nuevos Ministerios in Madrid. Go to a meeting in Alcobendas that lasts an hour. Take two hours between going, parking, meeting and back. With a Kia Rio 2.5 € per hour, € 5. 13 km and 13 km round trip, are 26 km € 0.25 km, a total of 6.5 €. Ie by € 11.5 leave and return by car. A taxi would cost much more that eleven euros and a half, and public transport would be cheaper but slower and not so comfortable. It is especially useful for times when you need the flexibility of a car.

may seem expensive for a drive, but we think that a parking space can now cost about 90 € monthly – as little – what gives us and for 8 trips of this kind in a month. But there are other important factors to have a car owned: its gasoline, insurance, audits, breakdowns … We can calculate that maybe if we just a trip like this once every two days, we have not compensate car. From an economic standpoint, it would be better to rent .

Of course, there are more advantages and disadvantages.

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Advantages and disadvantages in which you had not thought

The system is simple and is designed to encourage efficiency without burdening the end user.

Among the main advantages, we have the extra space gives us a private car, besides not having to look for parking – if we use Bluemove garages – and having a cost well below that of a taxi Traditional. The fact that is fixed cost per hour and kilometer – and not have to worry about fuel prices – is an important peace of mind. It is always a stressful point have to find a gas station to refuel in a rental car.

Can you try different types of car, or use a van for example, if your needs require it. But all is not gold that glitters, gasoline car if you spend, you will touch go to refuel with a Solred card – including in the car, of course. Another disadvantage is that the car is not yours . A car rental unit gives you flexibility, but you still can customize to your liking. Another drawback is not being able to extend the usage time if there is already another book or have little time to lose if you touch that repostemos the car.

Yet Bluemove is emerging as one of the alternatives for the future clearer in the world of shared economy and expected strong growth of the service.

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