BMW 1 Series 2015, and is the restyling of the German compact

BMW Serie 1 2015 BMW Serie 1 2015, así es el restyling del compacto alemán In 2011 the propeller manufacturer introduced the second generation of compact, compact characterized by providing propulsion in a market dominated by the front-wheel drive segment. Four years have passed since then and to keep it fresh in the market and face the last stage of their business cycle, BMW has decided to introduce an interesting restyling. Knowing the BMW 1 Series 2015. .

The BMW 1 Series 2015. is not a new generation, is a facelift that affects various aspects of the car such as design, mechanical and equipment range. At first glance we can see those made cosmetic changes aesthetic changes that mainly affect the headlights strongly criticized point of the second generation. Now the BMW January 2015 has a certain resemblance to the BMW Series 2 Active Tourer.

BMW Serie 1 2015 1 BMW Serie 1 2015, así es el restyling del compacto alemán The kidney grille, known as the kidneys, are changes in size. On the front we also find a redesigned bumpers, as well as some new headlights with LED Series technology. Meanwhile behind receives some new pilots with LED technology show an L-shaped design, a new design of the German manufacturer. Two new colors (metallic Platinsilber and “Sparkling brown) topped aesthetics.

If we go inside we have to be more clever to find the differences of this BMW 1 Series 2015. [1,999,006]. The manufacturer reports that the top of the center console, which controls the radio and climate control are located, now has a slimmer design. New upholstery options are available with the arrival of restyling and increased standard equipment including BMW Professional radio and the iDrive control system, which includes a high-resolution screen of 6.5 inches .

BMW Serie 2015 The BMW 1 Series 2015. mechanical range presents modifications and new engines, which make this model a more efficient model 2015 up to 12% depending on the model and best performance. Meet articulated in four blocks diesel and petrol 5 alternatives, which may be associated with a manual six relationships or fantastic automatic transmission torque converter 8 relations, working with the navigation system to provide greater efficiency .

On the gasoline side we find a new propeller 3-cylinder 1.5 liter engine (116i) that yields 109 hp and 180 Nm of torque , with an average consumption of 5 liters. The most powerful version, the BMW M135i receives improvements in the drive to achieve 326 hp and 450 Nm of torque, with a consumption of 8 liters. Among both engines we found the 118i with 136 hp, 177 hp 120i and 125i with 218 hp.

BMW Serie 1 2015 If we change sides, we find a new mechanic diesel 3 cylinder 1.5 liter engine (116d) that yields 116 hp and 270 Nm of torque, standardizing consumption of 4.1 liters and declaring a zero to sixty in 10 3 seconds. The 118d versions are also available with 150 hp, 190 hp 120d and 125d with 224 hp. Only you can associate the AWD BMW M135i, the BMW 118d and the BMW 120d .

Finally note that the new BMW Series will be available in January 2015 with a body of 3 and 5 door provided the length of 4.33 meters. The boot capacity remains intact, with 360 liters capacity. To dress the new Silhouette Series January 2015 there are different finishes. Advantage Sport Line, Urban Line and M Sport

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