BMW 1-Series 2019, changes blunt: it will compete with the Audi A1


by 2020, BMW will market a rival to the Audi A1. It’s a segment that the German brand wants to exploit for its own account, despite the fact that it is MINI your representative in this market of sub-compact. Both the british model as the German of the four rings are priced very similar and are front-wheel-drive, but BMW estimates it can achieve a market share of very important and to put his granite of sand.

Will have engines three and four cylinders, in addition to an electric version

What a few years ago was born as a rumor of a “Series 0” launched by the German Autobild, to day of today already we have confirmation that it’s going to produce in series, a model that will be developed on the platform of front-wheel drive UKL and that, despite sharing many mechanical components with the current MINI that, by 2020, will be grazing his replacement, will have the characteristic touch of BMW to deliver driving dynamics similar to that of a rear-wheel drive, the same philosophy that has been used in the development and implementation of the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer.

Available in two body

The range of the future BMW 1-Series, of which we have confirmed that this range will be occupied by a “model specially developed for the city”, will be composed by a model with two bodies, a three-door and another with five doors, offering a habitable interior greater than that of the MINI and will be available only with versions of front-wheel drive; knowing BMW, and with the aim of deselect of the MINI could have some version with all-wheel drive xDrive as a total, an option that would give only in the most powerful.


The modular platform UKL will be the skeleton on which will be built

In terms of the mechanics, we know that it will set up blocks of three-and four-cylinder diesel and gasoline, in addition to an electric eDrive; on a possible sport version M, neither confirm nor deny, but while the MINI Cooper S and the JCW also at home it would not be unlikely to also have.

With the rearrangement that BMW is going to introduce between 2018 and 2020 Series 1 and Series 2, until now it was left to the odd number without any representation, a movement that we hope that will force other manufacturers Premium also to “get invested” in a competition that is supposed to be fierce and that will end up forcing also to general practitioners is put the batteries.

one question Remains: what Are suffer the sales of the MINI for the arrival of this model BMW?