BMW 1-Series Sedan, exclusively for China

BMW Serie 1 SedánThe mark of the blades has unveiled its first compact sedan, the BMW 1-Series Sedan, a version that only we will see in the chinese market. And is that, the German company, has developed this model exclusively to be sold in this region, an area where this type of car has a high demand. Do you believe that this alternative of the 1-Series would have a future in our market?

As we say, the BMW 1-Series Sedan has been manufactured to be sold in China and only in China. BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. (BBA) has had the responsibility of developing this model, a compact sedan that has had very in account the tastes of chinese customers. In its stage of development, this 1-Series Sedan has been tested across the country, adapting it to the demands of chinese customers.

BMW Concept Compact Sedán

BMW Concept Compact Sedan

This BMW 1 Series Sedan has been inspired by the prototype presented in the Guangzhou Motor Show held last year. We refer to BMW Concept Compact Sedan, a concept that we liked, not like this 1-Series Sedan. While we do not yet have all the official photos, but judging by the pictures it seems like a product that had a future in our market. His body, which at times looks like a Series 1, and other reminds to a 3 Series, doesn’t seem to have the personality enough to conquer Europe.

The German brand has not yet revealed fundamental data as your range mechanics. The BMW 1-Series Sedan is being presented these days in China and will begin marketing soon. If you come to our country, would have the difficult task of facing great products like the Mercedes CLA or Audi A3 Sedan. So to the naked eye, do you think that would have any chance?

Source – BMW

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