BMW 1-Series Sedan, only for China, but with important novelties


For the first time the 1-Series will integrate a bodywork of four doors and three volumes

China is becoming, in fact already is, one of the most important markets for the manufacturers. The high population is a juicy pie in which the brands compete to win your piece. Therefore every day we see new models sales only for this market, and today it’s the BMW Series 1 Sedan.

over the last few months we have been anticipating the arrival of the BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe. Several test units have been seen circulating in different environments, such as the Nürburgring. However, today, we see as is the Series 1 which you get a sedan body with four doors and three volumes.

This does not mean that the 2-Series Gran Coupe does not arrive, it will. But China and its huge market, has advanced to the old continent and shows us a compact extended that we will see with another name in a year for here. However, even though the design or the name can change, certain things will not.


The BMW 1-Series Sedan could change its name to Europe, going to be the 2-Series Gran Coupe

We refer to the platform. Some time ago I mentioned that the 2-Series Gran Coupe will integrate the platform UKL, which employs the 1-Series Sedan. This involves changing the system of traction of the rear axle to the front, as do other models of the firm as the BMW X1 or the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer.

therefore, the platform is the same, the front-wheel drive, but not your settings. The 1-Series Sedan has been developed and designed under the concept and the tastes of the chinese market. The germans have worked together with their namesakes asians to integrate into the compact with all the requirements of the market.

Europe market is completely different, with tastes and different needs. Therefore, the 2-Series Gran Coupe, despite using front-wheel drive, jugará with the configuration to show a different character. Surely we get to see units with all-wheel drive xDrive, or even any with the designation M.


last year BMW gave us a preview with the prototype BMW Compact Sedan

however, although we repeat that the 1 Series Sedan will not come to Europe, is a first step from BMW to the complete transformation of its compact range to the front-wheel-drive. It is a change that will not appeal to the purists of the brand but that will mark a before and an after in the mark. Still we will soon see him, as the 2-Series Gran Coupe will not be presented until next year.