BMW 1-Series Sedan: this is the interior of a model exclusive for the asian giant

BMW Serie 1 Sedán - interior

this is the interior of the new BMW 1-Series Sedan for the chinese market.

At the end of this month of November will be presented in society the new BMW 1-Series Sedan. The model BMW’s with body of four doors and three volumes has been developed especially for the chinese market. Is more, will be marketed exclusively in the asian giant. However, and since the German brand will show us the first official image back in the month of July, we have just returned to have details of this model, except for some spy photos and leaks.

it Is clear that BMW wants to keep the intrigue on his 1-Series Sedan to its implementation over the chinese public. However, thanks to new images published by a local environment, we can take a first look at the interior of the BMW 1-Series Sedan. If you had doubts about the “differences” that could exist between the interior of the BMW 1-Series that we find in our dealers and the model with bodywork sedan that will be sold in China, because you can resolve them.

In short, we can say that there are no big surprises. Jumps to the view of the lever of the automatic gearbox or the top of the screen floating type in which reproduce the system of information and entertainment BMW. The upholstery, trim and other materials used in the interior convey quality and elegance. I don’t think to disappoint your buyers, although it is clear that in image you can see one of the endings is the more equipped of the range.

BMW Serie 1 Sedán - frontal

The BMW 1-Series Sedan will be marketed exclusively in China.

And as we talk about equipment, customers come to the dealers of BMW in China will be able to choose between three levels of finish: Base, Luxury Line and Sport Line. The version of access will equip halogen headlights while the two higher versions will opt for the LED headlights.

on the other hand, and leaving aside the design of your car, it is important to remember some of the mechanics and technical aspects of the BMW 1-Series Sedan, as there are important changes with respect to the model that we find in these parts. For example, and as already mentioned, this model will be mounted on the platform UKL, by offering a configuration of front-wheel drive.

The range of engines shall be composed of three options, all petrol. We refer to the 118i, 120i and 125i. The first of them will be under the hood with an engine of 1.5-liter turbo three-cylinder, while the two other versions of the range will be powered by a 2.0-liter engine. The power range will be between 136 HP and 231 HP of the most powerful option.

BMW Serie 1 Sedán

bodywork of four doors and three volumes is one of its main attractions for the local public.