BMW 1 Series: this will be the biggest novelties of the new range


Recreation of the future 1-Series compact.

increasingly, it is less for BMW to renew the current 1-Series. A range that until now had remained faithful to the traditional scheme of longitudinal-engine and rear-wheel drive, but that in a short time become the more usual pattern of transverse engine and front wheel drive.

In this new recreation we have tried to visualize the look of the new body type compact, softening the lines already seen in the series 1 and Series 2 today. As is usual in the brand, the design will be more than likely to be a continuation.

Although the major developments are found in the technical section, with the above-mentioned step to the front-wheel drive, thanks to the premiere of the platform UKL, developed for the full range of MINI and already used models such as the 2-Series Active Tourer or the crossover X1.


Recreation of the future 1-Series subcompact.

In this way, there will be a cleavage in the range of the manufacturer from Munich. On the one hand we find the models developed on the platform CLAR, which will be used in Series 3 and all that are above, and those who employ the platform shared with MINI. While the first keep your architecture rear-wheel-drive the last shall be surely put to front-wheel-drive.

The future range of the Series 1 and 2 will be composed by several bodies. Depending on which markets we will find the well-known compact, the new sedan version, the body mpv, the current coupe and convertible of the 2 Series and a future but not confirmed utilitarian model. This takes a lot of time already in development and would be the rival of the Audi A1.

In this way, before the end of this decade, there will be no more models of rear-wheel drive under the Series 3, hence that 2020 is the last year of production of the current M2, thus becoming a full range of various options of bodywork.