BMW 1-Series, try it free and take it home for 150 euros per month

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Sporty, refined, compact… Adjectives, they all apply to the BMW 1-Series. Qhat is no doubt that it is the best of its segment, and despite what many may think is not at all expensive to have. What do you want? Because you will not think twice more, sign up free to try it out and enjoy it for only € 150 per month.

Is a purchase very attractive, and is that within the many reasons that may appear to buy it, the more important that we can find are: quality, design, behavior, technology, and versatility. There is a BMW 1-Series for each customer. Yes, all have the same aforementioned qualities.

The performance of their engines is beyond all doubt, to which we must add the efficiency of EfficientDynamics of BMW applied to their smaller engines, which for this generation are based on the three-cylinder. Technology designed to save and to enjoy with all the luxury and with the greatest possible security.

The slogan of the campaign comes to or painted: “take it, it’s yours.” And is that it is so, everyone can have it, so don’t think about it too much. has Never been so easy to have a BMW, nor as cheap. Enters the video, to sign up for the test and you will see that what you say is not a joke. The best.