BMW 2-Series Active Tourer or a Grand Tourer, what interests you more?

BMW Serie 2 Active o Grand Tourer

BMW 2-Series Active or Grand Tourer, what interests you more?

Does something more than a year, with the arrival on the market of the BMW 2-Series Grand Tourer, the guys from BMW they returned to reaffirm their commitment to a niche family market that, while in the european market seems to be in decline, the signature premium German offers two products really interesting. Now, which of them is worth more? Obviously, we talked about the 2-Series Active Tourer and Grand Tourer.

throughout this article we will go over the main points of both models to try to reach a specific point, and it is to know which one best fits our needs. As we say, we are before two models of purely family, and one of them with an interior for seven passengers. Two vehicles designed for the day-to-day or for those family trips on vacation.

By size, it is clear that the BMW 2-Series Grand Tourer wins the game the Series 2 Active Tourer, however, it is something obvious and that we already knew. It is clear that, if necessarily, we require a vehicle that is equipped with an interior of seven squares, necessarily we will have to opt for the 2-Series Grand Tourer. Now, if the factor of the seven-seater is not a determining factor, yes it can be the load capacity.

BMW Serie 2 Active Tourer

BMW 2-Series Active Tourer. 4,34 meters long and a luggage compartment of 468 liters.

Measures 2-Series Active Tourer 2-Series Grand Tourer
Long 4.342 mm 4.556 mm
Width 1800 mm 1,800 mm
High 1.555 mm 1.641 mm
Battle 2.670 mm 2.780 mm

And is that, as we have said above, when we got to the dates indicated in the calendar in which we prepare to make a long trip accompanied by our friends or family, we will give an account of the actual load capacities of our vehicle. In the case of the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer, its trunk cubes to 468 litres, while in the case of the 2-Series Grand Tourer, this figure rises up to 805 litres (when not equipped with the third row of seats).

it Is for this reason that if you are in need of a family car with a trunk in a generous and broad, the 2-Series Active Tourer could be an understatement, as the Grand Tourer with seven seats (as cubic a little more than 500 liters). In this case, if you need a large trunk and a cabin that’s comfortable to make long trips, the BMW 2-Series Grand Tourer will be the most appropriate option. Yes, for a daily use, and in the city, the 2-Series Active Tourer is a more practical and dynamic.

Currently, the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer and the 2 Series Grand Tourer are available from the 26.500€.

¿And what about the equipment? The truth is that in both cases we will find ourselves with the same standard equipment as well as optional packages that are available in the range. In the case of the 2-Series Grand Tourer, and as well we said previously, one of the main items of optional equipment is the third row of seats. A third row with two seats offered optionally, and which cost around 900 euros.

At the mechanistic level, the offerings will be many and varied. We can opt for engines three and four cylinders. Versions of petrol and diesel for all tastes, with ranges of powers that depart from little more than 100 HP to 192 HP. Depending on the engine chosen, you’ll be able to associate it to a gearbox six-speed manual and a automatic Steptronic eight relations. By the way, neither can we let pass the fact that there are also options for hybrid, plug-in as the BMW 225xe.

In any case, so much for versatility as for practicality, both the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer as its big brother, the Grand Tourer, are an excellent alternative family within the range BMW. And even more if we take into account that these two models are a bet duly attested by a segment in the recent times is passing to a second plane, especially in Europe.

BMW Serie 2 Grand Tourer

The main asset of the BMW 2-Series Grand Tourer is the possibility to equip a third row of seats.

If you are interested in becoming one of the family models of BMW, noted that currently are available from 26.500 euros. As we say, if you are looking for a BMW family, can be the ideal time to get your hands on one of these two models.