BMW 2002 Hommage 'Turbomeister', a new twist to this prototype


New review for the spectacular prototype BMW 2002 Hommage, which arrives at Pebble Beach 2016 incorporating a decorative outer ‘Turbomeister’ inspired by the competition. A few months ago the BMW 2002 Hommage is presented in Villa d’este 2016 updating to the modern times the philosophy and design of the 2002 turbo original, and now is the time for a second prototype.

BMW 2002 Hommage Turbomeister stands out for its body-two-tone, painted in orange and black: this last tone is present on your hood, trunk and line side waist. The alloy wheels of 20 inches, and its brake calipers are now gold-coloured, and the inscription ‘Turbomeister’ is very visible, in tribute to the classic d├ęcor of the competition of J├Ągermeister who dressed many models of BMW in the circuits during the seventies and eighties.


The previous BMW 2002 Hommage Concept was painted blue, but beyond that, this new formal dress there are no differences. The prototype maintained its characteristic design without any change, including the prominent front ‘nose ‘ shark’, and is based technically on the BMW M2 Coupe, including its six-cylinder engine and 3.0-litre with 370 HP. With quad-exit exhaust, the inscription ‘turbo’ stars in your rear spoiler.

Paying homage to the BMW 2002 original, born exactly five decades ago, and the BMW 2002 turbo 1973 -the first production model with a turbocharged engine, this prototype reaches Pebble Beach going to the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R presented last year. It will be one more chapter in the celebration of 100 years of BMW and will not reach production, although some details of your design will be present in future models of the bavarian manufacturer.