BMW 2002 turbo (1973): the first turbo BMW is the grandfather of the M2 Coupe

BMW 2002 turbo is one of the most important cars in the history of BMW. It was one of the first to be developed by BMW Motorsport – along with the fantastic 3.0 CSL E9 – and the first european car with a turbo engine of production. In many respects, is the direct predecessor of the BMW M2 Coupe, newly launched to the market. A car is very special whose history well deserves more than an article: it could be said that it is one of those directly responsible for the current reputation of BMW in the world of high performance.

BMW 2002: dream of a summer night

clean Lines, purity, dynamic, and powerful engines. The Neue Klasse BMW laid the foundations of the BMW of today.

At the beginning of the years 60, BMW launched a series of vehicles called “Neue Klasse,” or “New Class”, as they are known internationally. Small vehicles, light and agile, far removed from the luxury of the BMW of the previous decade. Cars are focused on the enjoyment at the wheel, that saved a BMW of the situation of almost bankruptcy in the which was by that time. Towards the end of the 60s saw the launch of the 1600, small coupes, two-doors, which soon became popular as a cheap car of competition.

By that time, the director of product of BMW was Helmut Werner Bönsch and coincidentally, found in the workshops of BMW with Alex von Falkenhausen – designer of the engine M10 BMW. Surprisingly, both had computer the installation of engines of two liters on their BMW 1600-2, originally equipped with engines of 1.6 liters. They both agreed that it was necessary to produce a 2002, a car that was agile and powerful, yet light and sufficiently affordable. Two-liter, 100 HP and just 940 kg were a good recipe.

BMW 2002 it soon became a car tremendously popular, bringing millions of marks to BMW, laying the foundations of the reputation of BMW as a mark of passionate drivers. In 1970, several BMW 2002 preparations were made with the victory in his category of the 24 hours of Nürburgring. It was the winner of rallies, competitions, promotions and all kinds of categories amateur. In 1971, BMW decided to bring an extra dose of power to the BMW 2002, and then had the brilliant idea to talk with BMW Motorsport.

photo Gallery: BMW 2002 turbo (1973): the first turbo BMW is the grandfather of the M2 Coupe

Reaches the turbo to BMW

Only 1.672 units were produced between the years 1973 and 1975. The oil crisis affected the demand negatively.

In 1973 BMW presented at the iaa in Frankfurt the 2002 turbo. A version of the high performance of the BMW 2002, first european car production in mount serial a propeller on a turbocharged. It was presented just a few months before the bubble 1973 oil crisis, which undoubtedly affected his production, and of all the cars with a certain appetite for the fuel. The engine M10 two-liter – equipped with mechanical injection Kugelfischer – you are docked a turbocharger KKK generously sized.

Though its compression ratio was reduced to 6.9:1 to avoid knock, the engine developed a tremendous 170 HP @ 5,800 rpm, with a maximum torque of a generous 240 Nm of maximum torque at 4.900 rpm. With a weight of only 1.060 kg, it was a very fast car: it accelerated up to 100 km/h in 7,3 seconds and its top speed was 209 km/h. Yes, any sport-utility is faster today, but think that this car was launched does nothing less than 42 years, when the most popular car in Spain was the SEAT 600.

Today, it is impossible to find a copy in good condition for less than 50,000 euros.

May 170 CV you seem few, but the way that the BMW 2002 turbo had to deliver his power was anything but quiet. The turbo engines of old had a tremendous lag and were renowned for their abruptness. In the 2002 turbo, the car seemed to be 50 HP up to 4,000 rpm, when a torrent of power took place on the rear axle, pushing relentlessly until 6,000 rpm. Your gearbox four relationships had a perfect stepping to take advantage of the 170 HP from the engine.

But it was a car driving delicate to the limit, taking account of the nature of its propellant. Although his tires had 185 mm of section, and making his point had been courtesy of BMW Motorsport, there was a car suitable for all audiences. He won dozens of races in the 70’s and still overcomes competitions vintage with ease. Cosmetically, it differed clearly from the others BMW 2002 of the time. Look at the colors that you decorate your body: they are the same colors BMW Motorsport.

photo Gallery: BMW 2002 turbo (1973): the first turbo BMW is the grandfather of the M2 Coupe

A bumper sports adorned on the front, and vinyl optional made it could be read on the front “2002 turbo” from a mirror. A detail that is sure that many saw in the left lane of the Autobahn. The vinyl side gave the impression of movement, of readiness for action, even at a standstill. A spoiler adorning the rear, fair bit discreet. Only 1.672 units were produced: the oil crisis ended with the 2002 turbo, but the legend is still alive.

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