BMW 225xe Active Tourer: powerful, is plug-in hybrid and part from 40.250 eur

The hybrid version plug-in BMW 2-Series Active Tourer is already a commercial reality. BMW is already made available in the Spanish market this new and efficient mechanical alternative and powerful with the additional charm of being able to shoot in fully electric mode for a good number of miles without the pressure of having a no-load, but how much does it cost BMW 225xe Active Tourer?

BMW 2-Series Active Tourer plug-in hybrid has a starting price in Spain of 40.250 euro

Surprisingly, the price of the BMW 225xe is not far of the alternatives to gasoline or diesel more powerful.

BMW 225xe Active Tourer has a starting price in Spain 40.250 euro, a price that places it below the BMW 225i xDrive Active Tourer, of 231 horses and awd, with a starting price of 41.550 € and slightly above of the alternative diesel is more powerful, the BMW 220d xDrive Active Tourer, with 190-horsepower, all-wheel drive and a price of 39.050 euros.

therefore, despite having a mechanically more complex, this BMW 2-Series Active Tourer plug-in hybrid is not presented as an alternative to much more expensive than the mechanics of more conventional.

Remember that the BMW Series 2 Active Tourer features a standard equipment in which there is no lack of climate control bizona, alloy wheels, the radio Professional BMW with screen of 6.5 inches, bluetooth, rear seats separable, and sensors of light and rain.

like the rest of the range we can spice up this equipment with the different line equipment BMW, as the finished Luxury, the finish Sport, even the M Sport, focusing on new aesthetic details, inserts in its interior, tires, upholstery… The price of these lines of equipment is 1,400 euros for the Sport trim, 2.900 euros for finishing Luxury and 3,300 euros for the version M Sport.


But… what is so special about the mechanics of the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer:

Mechanically we find a 3-cylinder, 1.5-liter, an electric block to the position of the rear axle and a motor/alternator to the output of the crankshaft.

BMW 225xe Active Tourer has a mechanical hybrid plug-in is protected by a mechanically supercharged gasoline, 3-cylinder and 1.5-liter cubicaje with 136 horses and 220 Nm of torque.

The position of the rear axle, we find ourselves with a mechanical power of 88 horsepower and 165 Nm of torque, in line with some batteries located under the rear seat, would give the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer the possibility of circular up to 38 km in all-electric mode, giving the step an extra boost and a rear wheel drive without transmission axis a at the front end with the rear.

total BMW 225xe account with a power of 224 horsepower and approves an unrealistic consumption of 2l/100 km in a cycle of approval that recall favors this type of thrusters.