BMW 3 Series 2018 (G20), the new generation continues its tests of winter


This is a non-stop: just a few months ago that the BMW 3 Series 2016 came to the dealers, a slight ‘facelift’ in design and equipment over the current generation of the sedan, the sixth in the history of the model. This means that we have 3 Series F30 for at least a couple more years, but the bavarian manufacturer is not resting on its laurels. In fact, already is preparing its new generation.

BMW 3 Series G20 will be officially presented towards the second half of 2017, with a commercial launch towards the end of that same year or the beginning of 2018. And since we’re not talking about a “washed face” aesthetic or ‘restylings’, but a completely new model: the seventh generation of the Series 3.


These spy photos come from Scandinavia to show us back to the model, immersed in its development and tests of winter. This is a prototype test fully covered by camouflage, that despite this already allows us to glimpse the occasional sign of identity, and new developments that will have the model, after his first pictures on the road.

For example, highlights a front lower and sharp in comparison with the current 3 Series, with a double kidney grille of new design, and a optical front partially hidden. His style on this front will be inspired by the recent BMW 7-Series and also in the new BMW 5-Series, whose presentation will take place during this 2016.

Your profile keeps without too much modification of the classical and dynamic silhouette of a four-door, although it will grow a few centimeters in length. The back of this BMW 3 Series 2018 just let us see the dual exhaust exit on both ends of the bumper. Will continue to give much to talk about in the next few months…