BMW 3 Series 2018, hunted the next sedan German

With the recently arrived reestyling of the BMW 3 Series, it is logical to think that the sedan bavarian has already reached the halfway of its life in the market since its release in 2012 and that is why in Munich are already thinking about its next generation.

And with this aspect, our photographer has managed to make the first snapshot of the sedan German that want to let us play a lot to the imagination with a great job of camouflage, and even, without some parts, like his heel side.


Precisely, thanks to the absence of these spoilers side in the vehicle we can see some changes in the design as the completion in the “step” in its final part.

In terms of the rest of the body, although hidden behind the vinyl, in speaking of his front, we see new front bumper and redesigned its well-known calender while watching carefully behind the tailgate gets a new design in its upper part with a greater continuity to the bumper that incorporates new design in their exhaust outlets.

The BMW 3 Series, on the market since 1975, already has six generations behind being the sedan of Segment D of reference of the German mark. Finding himself still in the early stages of development, it is expected that its seventh generation see the light in 2018, becoming known as BMW 3 Series G20.