BMW 3 Series: 40 years of evolution in a video of a minute and a half

BMW Serie 3In 2015 it was the 40th anniversary of the BMW 3 Series. At Present, that Engine did a special where they were going over the six generations of this model, which has also become the highest selling of the German mark. Now comes to us a video a minute and a half made by Donut Media that includes some of the Series 3 most prominent throughout their history.

In 1975 was presented the first generation of the BMW 3 Series. The E21 came in the form of a two door sedan with engines of four and six-cylinder in-line. It would be seven years in the market, since in 1982 it was the E30, the second generation, which introduced the four-door and for the first time incorporated in diesel engines. He also served as the basis of the first BMW M3 that came in 1986 with 200 HP of power.


In 1991 came the 3 Series E36, the third generation arrived with the body sedan, coupe, cabrio and Touring, also was born the version Compact. After having quite success in sales was replaced by the E46, the fourth generation arrived, with a completely new platform. It was a revolution and returned to offer the all-wheel drive xDrive. With him we saw the M3 CSL, with less weight and a power of 360 HP.

from 2005, he went into the E90, E91, E92 and E93; the fifth generation, which introduced a turbo engine, and the M3 more powerful up to the moment with a V8 of 420 HP. The following is what we have today in our streets, the sixth generation also known as Series 3 F10. Arrived in 2012 and with it we saw the division between saloon and coupe and cabrio, which would enter into the Series 4. Long life to BMW 3 Series!

Source – Donut Media

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