BMW 3 Series, few cosmetic changes and new engines

nuevo bmw serie 3 5 Nuevo BMW Serie 3, pocos cambios est├ęticos y nuevos motores After the leak this morning, and as expected, BMW has finally released full details of new BMW 3 Series . Both the sedan body like the 3 Series Touring family received a number of updates. On the aesthetic level are very discreet, but there are important new mechanistic level, which go hand in hand with new items available for the range.

On the front the BMW 3 Series takes about bumper design new, but very similar to the current model. The same applies to the rear. There new LED headlamps , which premiered signature bright and rear drivers are also LEDs and a completely red outside. Inside the changes they have been equally discreet, and adding some chrome trim or changing certain details.

New engines, one of three cylinders

nuevo bmw serie 3 1 Nuevo BMW Serie 3, pocos cambios est├ęticos y nuevos motores The engine range is one of the most important developments for the BMW 3 Series, with four seven diesel fuel options . All petrol engines are new, while diesel n are the 2.0-liter engine. It is modular engine with 500cc capacity in each of the cylinders. All mechanical range 3 Series meets Euro 6.


One of the most striking developments is the advent of three-cylinder engines for the Series 3. BMW 318i features a turbocharged engine 1.5 three-cylinder engine that delivers 136 horses and replaces the previous 316i. It is a fairly elastic engine with 220 Nm of torque at just 1,250 rpm with overboost function that raises torque temporarily to 230 Nm. It has balance shafts to reduce vibration. Despite the smaller engine, the new 318i is capable of 0-100 in 8.9 seconds and reach 210 km / h.

Nuevo BMW Serie 3 The 320i and uses a more conventional four-cylinder 2.0 184 horses and 290 Nm of torque. Born on the same block new 330i, which replace the 328i with 252 horses and 350 Nm of torque that are capable of achieving 0-100 in 5.8 seconds with the automatic gearbox eight relations. Those seeking a gasoline inline six-cylinder and 3.0-liter should use the new BMW 340i with 326 horses and 450 Nm of torque . This version will be the most powerful before the M3 and allows 0-100 in 5.1 seconds. Despite the increase in power consumption down and approves this model to 6.5 liters on average.

The new range of diesel engines known for its higher efficiency. Thus 316d gets 116 horses approve 3.9 liters medium and CO2 emissions of 102 grams per kilometer. The BMW 318d increases its power from 143 to 150 horses. The 320d raises the figure to 190 hp and 400 Nm, but promises very good performance with 0-100 in 7.2 seconds with an average consumption of 4.0 liters. The EfficientDynamics variant is more efficient yet (3.8 liters), but benefits decline with a longer change developments. The engines remain the same are the 325d, 330d and 335d with 218, 258 and 313 horses power respectively, using the latest supercharging by two turbochargers.

Nuevo BMW Serie 3 All models are available with change six relations manual or automatic eight gear (330d, 340i Touring 345D and only automatic). Manual gearboxes include the function automatic tip-heel to match engine speed with the shift reductions and result in smoother and beneficial to the mechanical elements. Some versions offer sports eight-speed automatic transmission with steering wheel paddles, which is faster. This change in driving mode converter offers sailing, to save fuel.

All variants will be rear-wheel drive, although the models 320i, 330i, 340i, 318d, 320d and 330d can opt for xDrive . The BMW 335d is only available with four-wheel drive as well. A dynamic level should be noted that the suspensions have been revised to provide better dynamic performance without sacrificing comfort. Rear-wheel drive models are lower 10mm.

In the wide range of the new BMW 3 Series also find al 330e, the plug-in hybrid variant . It will arrive in 2016 and will combine the 2.0 petrol 184 horses with a power of 78 horses. Thus combined 252 horses and 420 Nm of torque is achieved. These figures 0-100 in 6.3 seconds and a top speed of 225 km / h. Best of all, it can boast of a reduced average consumption of 2.1 liters per 100 and CO2 emissions of 49 grams per kilometer. The autonomy in electric mode is 35 kilometers .

Technological developments

Nuevo BMW Serie 3 In terms of equipment found improvements in elements such as the optional Professional browser, which calculates routes in less time and offers better graphics. The map update is free for the first three years, and ConnectedDrive services, the system automatically updates. With a SIM card installed in the car we can enjoy the LTE standard, which improves the coverage and speed of data transmission.

more new options for system model are parallel parking aid and battery . The car will tell us if it fits in the hole and we just have to manage change and pedals, while the car is responsible for carrying out the relevant maneuvers.

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