BMW 3 Series M Sport: first pictures with the new sport package


The first time we see the new 3 Series M Sport.

We have been able to hunt a new unit testing of the new BMW 3 Series. But on this occasion, our photographers have had the fortune of meeting with the first mule of tests view of the model wearing the sport package M Sport.

This specimen is very similar to others seen before, but it has elements clearly visible that does not correspond to the standard versions of the model, despite the thick camouflage that BMW practised in all of its developmental prototypes. In the front we find a new bumper, under the hovering a grid frame more thick, while that in the side we can see some sideskirts more marked.

A look at the rear reveals a small and discreet spoiler on the boot lid, and the new rear diffuser. This unit appears lowered with respect to other prototypes camouflaged previously seen of the new 3 Series G20, which indicates that you might have a suspension reviewed and reduced height.


At the back we find a new diffuser and exhaust.

After the alloy wheels we discovered a few brake discs of larger diameter that the backs of the drives of conventional tests and appreciate the changes in the outputs of exhaust, now with outputs of trapezoidal shapes.

The new generation G20 Series 3 will be based on the new platform CLAR, premiered by the current 7 Series and the BMW will develop its entire range of rear-wheel drive. Since the new 3 Series up to the future Series 8 will use this new architecture, which is characterized by lighter materials, so the new 3 Series you can also enjoy a considerable weight saving.

This new generation of the 3 Series should be in the showrooms in 2018, so we can expect a presentation early course of 2017 or the beginning of the following year. The range will be composed by the same variants of bodywork, vehicle and family.