BMW 3002tti-L, the coupe classic is reinvented with 335 HP and modern technology

BMW 2002 has been one of the most important classics of BMW, one of which has been contributed to create the image of car a dynamic and sporty than BMW enjoys today. Its Turbo version is one of the european classics most coveted of the 70s, and the grandfather of the new BMW M2 Coupe. A few years ago, an american named Paul Cain’s created with his brother BMW 2002 definitive. Mixing classic style with modern technology. A project that is for sale for 105.000 dollars, and worth up to the last bolt.

With a weight of just over a tonne and 335 HP turbo, this car is a true delight dynamic.

Aesthetically, it replicates the decoration of the BMW 2002 turbo, mixing up its outside appearance with details Alpine, as are its tires. But it would pass perfectly for a 2002 classic, to the point of retaining their chrome and their emblems. A moment… on the side it says “twin turbo” instead of “turbo”, and on the tailgate it says “3002tti-L” instead of “2002tii” or “2002turbo”. The enormous attention to detail of their creators, gives us clues about what is under the hood. Definitely, here is something fishy.

The cat is a motor M54, a six-cylinder in-line 3-litre, with twin turbocharging in series. The engine that the BMW 335i premiered, many years ago, harnessed to the 335 HP. A silky and powerful engine which has been moved as far back as possible, without interfering in the cabin. Paul Cain managed a weight distribution almost perfect in your project, 51/49. Was made possible by the mounting of the gearbox Getrag five relationships in position transaxle, next to the rear differential.

The car has even been praised by the president of BMW in the united States, and has won many contests.

A labour elite, whose cherries are a limited-slip differential Quaife and the rear axle of a BMW M5. The list of modifications doesn’t end there: your braking equipment is from a Porsche 993 Turbo and adjustable suspension signed by Bilstein. New stabilizer bars and shock towers, contrasted with an interior completely classic, in which nothing called the attention. The admission, and the tailgate have been manufactured in carbon fiber especially for this vehicle.

A creation wonderful, created with an attention to detail is sublime, worth every one of the estimated 105,000 dollars for their creator.

Source: Kinja
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