BMW 330e: hybrid power (and plug) for the BMW 3 Series from 45.300 eur

BMW continues in the expansion of range hybrid plug-in and in addition to beginning with the marketing of BMW 225xe Active Tourer, we present a BMW Series 3 which, under the name of BMW 330e we proposed, in the format saloon, the same benefit formula and efficiency, but… at what price?

Even being a hybrid its price it is not too much of a BMW 330i or a BMW 325d:

what are Drawbacks of this version? Its weight is 1.735 kg and its boot only 370 liters.

BMW 330e only available with body hatchback. There is a BMW series 4 with this mechanic, nor the variants Touring or GT have this engine in their catalog. Its price is 45.300 € , amounting to 45.436 euros if you so choose with the change of cams. It is a minimal difference in expenditure as well, so that, under my perspective, it is totally recommended.

keep in mind that this alternative has a price really approximately the BMW 330i with automatic switching, which, counting also with 252 horses, part from 44.945 euros. If we go to the range diesel we find that the version more next is the BMW 325d, that with the automatic change and with 218 horsepower at our disposal, from 45.345 euros.

Mechanically BMW 330e account with a block supercharged 4-cylinder and 2-liter cubicaje that develops 184 horses, with for transmission to the well-known cjaa changes, the Zf 8-speed. Between this transmission and the conventional engine is ibica a mechanical power that develops 88 horses, the same one used by the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer plug-in hybrid.


combined in addition to achieve 252 horses accomplishes a couple of 420 Nm, being able to dial a 0 to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds. If we take into account the distorted cycle of approval european we find an average consumption that round only 2l/100 km

Is capable of having a autonomy fully electrical 40-km, reaching in this way a maximum speed of up to 120 km/h. Their batteries are recharged through the outlet in 3 hours and 15 minutes using an electrical conventional.