BMW: 36.863 days of innovation, and those that are about to come


BMW takes to innovate from the very first day, and now there are 100 consecutive years making it

let’s Do a little association of ideas. If I tell BMW what most insurance is that you make me respond sportsmanship. And wrong will not be, but there is more, much more. And is that BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) has more than 100 years in an industry ever more competitive and demanding. Considered as one of the big premium brands, the German brand has in its history with a long list of milestones, that will only grow in the future, because if there is something we must also recognize the BMW is by innovating.

The automotive industry is not the same as 100 years ago, and for this reason the brand has divided its line of business. To what we know today as BMW have added to the range i e iPerformance, in addition to the division M and M Performance. That is to say, four sub-brands that each represents in his own way the DNA of the brand. From the pure sportiness to the innovation of more advanced topics of efficiency and sustainability.

BMW M and M Performance

We agree that it is, possibly, the branch most well known of the leafy tree of BMW. Not only is this one more letter, if not of a concept and a way of being that was born 40 years ago on the occasion of the entry of the mark in the world of competition. Of those first 2,000 units approved for street we have moved to a saga legendary. The last of its jewels is the stunning BMW M4 GTS. A beast which brings together all the knowledge and advances made in 40 years of success.

But recognize that for the day-to-day not all would accept the use of an M for their toughness and savagery. And this is why BMW has created a mid-range that satisfied all those who are looking for functionality combined daily with the sportsmanship recognized, and that we all hope for. Currently, each body of the house has the corresponding version M Performance, except for the units Active Tourer. Important it is not to be confused with accessories M Performance. The latter are no more than mere elements of aesthetics and performance. But in any case without getting to the next step.

BMW i e iPerformance

The crisis of non-renewable energy have forced manufacturers to develop a new generation of cars. With the efficiency flag, these make collection of the latest and best advances of the brand. In 2011 it launched the division of BMW i. Just two years after the market receives it with open arms the first product 100% i BMW, the small BMW i3. From then on, it all starts to happen the releases. It is worth noting the arrival of the BMW i8 in 2014. A real concept that takes the sporty hybrid to a new level. A escapare technology like no other.

But at the same that happen with the division, sport division more efficient, we divided up to create another range of models that had as a main identity the savings, but also had superior performance. Therefore, the range iPerformance is the youngest of all created by the brand, coming to light just a year ago. In these 12 months the fleet has increased significantly. In fact, they are five models that are already present, for which thanks to this the BMW is the manufacturer with the largest ever range of plug-in hybrids on the market.

Innovation and technology

And where is all of this? Well, obviously the money. BMW spends almost everything he earns in research and development. In 2015 the figure was of 5.169 billion euros. Much of that capital is evident in the streets, but there is more. A brand is not only the products it manufactures, and therefore we find that the benefits are intended to improve the production of the cars themselves. But what we as consumers and buyers, we are interested in what is tangible, what we can buy, and in that field there is much to highlight the brand German.

In recent years, the market has demanded that technology in the cars. In fact, it is one of the main reasons of purchase. That is why it has exploded a war between brands for be crowned as the manufacturer most advanced of the moment. No one can deny that BMW is one of the best placed and prepared for the future. But to day of today already we have such incredible gains such as augmented reality, beacons, laser lighting and OLED, the gestural control or driving autonomous.

The new BMW 5-Series, as well as its big brother the 7 Series, are the standards of this philosophy and trend. Both incorporate the newest elements out of the plant R & D in Fiz, Germany. But obviously, I must not forget the bases that founded the brand back in 1916. Your name says, and BMW was born as a manufacturer of engines, and in these also we must look to the time to read the future. The concept of Efficient Dynamics is now part of the DNA of the brand. So marked as the own sportsmanship.


Hybrid and plug-in. BMW bet on this technology as the most efficient

Milestones in the history of BMW

The legacy is the best base of support in the future. A manufacturer is styled a reputation with the passage of time, meeting milestones that set trends and forge new paths. In this section the BMW has a lot of support, and in 100 years of history there are so many moments to highlight. We leave you here a small list of those we must remember:

  • 7 of march, 1916 – Foundation of BMW AG
  • 10 of December, 1916 – The emblem and the name BMW is registered as a trademark
  • 28 of September, 1923 – presents the first motorcycle from BMW, the R 32
  • 1 October 1928 – BMW becomes the manufacturer of automobiles
  • 22 march 1929 – The first BMW 3/15 PS leaves the assembly line
  • 1 march 1932 – the first car designed in-house; the BMW 3/20 PS
  • 11 of February, 1933, – the first six-cylinder engine in line. He mounts the BMW 303
  • 11 march, 1954 – the first V8 fully alloy in the world that is used in a car produced in series, it does so in the BMW 502
  • 1 October 1954 – BMW gets the license for the manufacture of the iconic Isetta
  • 22 September 1955 – The BMW 507 made its first appearance at the iaa in Frankfurt
  • 9 December 1959 – It frustrates the sale of BMW group Daimler-Benz AG
  • 18 June 1965 – BMW gets rid of its division of aero-engines
  • 31 December 1968 – For the first time in its history, BMW sold more than 100,000 cars in a year
  • 24 may 1972 – sets up the division BMW Motorsport GmbH
  • 12 September 1972 – launches a new denomination. The launch of the BMW Series 5
  • 14 June 1975 – A BMW 3.0 CSL, designed by american artist Alexander Calder is the first BMW Art Car
  • 5 October 1978 – The BMW M1 was presented at the Paris Salon with 277 horses
  • 13 June 1983 – The first BMW in history to ride a diesel, the 524td 115 HP
  • 15 October 1983 – BMW wins his first Formula 1 world championship as a biker
  • 12 September 1985 – the first BMW M3
  • 12 September 1985 – BMW presented the first model with four-wheel drive, the 325i
  • 5 march 1987 – the first BMW with V12 since the end of the war, the 750i
  • 11 September 1987 – presenting the Z1 Roadster at the iaa in Frankfurt
  • 15 November 1987 – BMW wins the first championship of DTM with a M3
  • 27 April 1990 – opens the R & D center of Fiz
  • 29 January 1994 – BMW AG takes over the British Rover Group, which includes the brands Rover, MG, MINI and Land Rover
  • 8 June 1998 – Announcement of the continuation of the MINI brand
  • 10 January 1999 – the first SUV of the brand, the BMW X5
  • 9 may 2000 – BMW AG sold Rover Group without the trademark MINI or Land Rover
  • 26 April 2001 – The first MINI modern comes out of the assembly line
  • 13 September 2001 – the infotainment system iDrive
  • 3 January 2003 – Rolls-Royce introduced the new Phantom
  • 25 September 2004 – the BMW Series 1
  • 21 February 2011 – Is the basis of the new division BMW i
  • 18 September 2003 – Starts the production of the BMW i3
  • 5 June 2014 – The first customers receiving their BMW i8
  • 7 march 2016 – celebrating the centenary of the company


The technology is not only applied to the engines, but also to applications in smartphones