BMW 4 Series 2017: a tune to accentuate its sporty character

Since the BMW 4 Series debuted in society back in the year 2013, the German brand has come close to 400,000 units around the world. A model of success whose main demand lies in the european market. And is that almost half of all the 4 Series sold will remain in the old continent. Looking for delve into this formula of success, BMW has unveiled the long-awaited overhaul of this family of models.

BMW Serie 4 2017

The new BMW 4 Series 2017 is presented in partnership with fresh start, and a section on technology more completely.

The new BMW 4 Series 2017 is presented in partnership with fresh start, a more sporty character and interesting developments both in technology as a technician. Recall that the family Series 4 is composed by the following models: 4 Series Coupe, 4 Series Convertible, 4 Series Gran Coupe and the ultimate sport, the M4 Coupé.

BMW 4 Series 2017, more technological and sporting

With a clear influence by the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupé shown in the year 2012, the new Series 4 is shown with a silhouette more elegant and dynamic. Elements like headlamps, front hexagonal LED (optional) or the large air intake bars and the group of rear lights also LED technology helps deliver the sensation of being in front of a coupe more advanced. But, what most new aesthetic offers us the new Series 4? Well, let’s escrudiñando its exterior.

Taking a look at his front, we find ourselves with a few contours alternating with the surfaces to create a front width to the pair angular. The idea is to transmit a greater force. Some of the features of the new BMW 4 Series is the incorporation of an air intake central with an opening to the outside. In the case of the finishes Sport and Luxury, the air intake features a bezel in black color with gloss finish or chrome plated.

BMW Serie 4 Cabrio 2017

The renewal arrives all models of the range, including the BMW 4 Series Convertible 2017.

The new look provided a few double headlights continues with the traditional format as seen in other releases of the brand. Series are equipped with a few new headlights bi-LED. The front fog lamps also use LED technology as standard. However, and as an option, now the new family Series 4 has as an option headlamps-LED adaptive.

If we take a walk around the rear of the new BMW 4 Series 2017, we will see a image more low and sporty which is in line with the changes introduced in the front. The horizontal lines and the narrow design of the lights highlight the wheel arches. Also installed a new rear apron.

Putting the “icing on the cake” of external developments, BMW has placed at our disposal a renewed range of alloy wheels lightweight 18-and 19-inch with four new designs. To this we must add two new colors available only for new models Series 4: Snapper Rocks Blue (turquoise tone) and Sunset Orange (orange-red).

BMW M4 Coupé 2017

The maximum exponent of good sportsmanship will continue to be the BMW M4 Coupe.

Leaving to one side the outside, and going on to analyze the innovations present in the passenger compartment, it is apparent that the designers of BMW have sought to improve the feeling of quality and exclusivity of the new 4 Series. If you look at the edges of the air vents and the panels in the doors, we will be able to see the inserts galvanized. And in the chaos of the new BMW 4 Series Cabrio 2017, the switch to the ceiling and the guides of the safety belts of the front seats also have such a finish.

the controls for The climate control and the audio equipment now have a chrome trim. The sports steering wheel is covered in a new skin of high quality that offers a better grip depending on the brand. In addition, we have added more options for the design of the interior. In particular, BMW incorporates leather in these new colors: blue, Midnight Blue, Dakota Cognac Dakota and white Ivory White Dakota. And in addition to the finishing Advantage, we will have at our disposal the variants Sport, Luxury and M Sport.

In regards to equipment, connectivity, information and entertainment, the new 4 Series takes a step to the front and receives new features. The system of navigation Professional (optional in range) premieres a new interface. Another of the options available in the equipment is the Display of Instruments, Multifunctional gives the driver the possibility to choose between different drive modes (Comfort, Eco Pro, Sport).

BMW Serie 4 2017 - interior

the interior has sought to improve the quality of the finishes, including new inserts and leather upholstery.

we may Also recharge our smartphone (if the model is compatible) thanks to the tray induction that can be equipped. On the other hand, the navigation package optional ConnectedDrive that includes a point-in WiFi and two USB ports in the center console allow the driver and passengers enjoy a totally connected. Apple CarPlay will also be available, although as an option.

And looking to offer a driving experience better, the new 4 Series has a lower center of gravity than the 3 Series as well as a shaft wide in front. review the suspension, the engineers of the German company have managed to improve the dynamic ability of the car without compromising your comfort as everyday vehicle.

A range of efficient engines and powerful

All engines, both petrol and diesel that make up the range of the new 4 Series offers an excellent ratio between performance and consumption/emissions. The blocks of four cylinders come from the family BMW EfficientDynamics and equipped with technology TwinPower Turbo. The range of powers that we find covers from 184 HP to 326 HP.

BMW Serie 4 Gran Coupé 2017

The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe 2017 also brings the day.

Depending on the engine chosen we will be able to opt for a gearbox six-speed manual or a eight-speed automatic Steptronic. And the same thing happens with the traction. While some versions of the range come with the rear-wheel drive, there will be others that bring of series (or offered optionally) the all-wheel drive xDrive.

List versions of the BMW Series 4 2017

BMW 4 Series Coupe Horsepower (HP) fuel Consumption Emisionesde CO2
BMW 420i Coupé 184 6.1–5.5 141-127
BMW 430i Coupé 252 6.5–5.5 151-129
BMW 430i xDrive Coupé 252 6.2–5.9 144-138
BMW 440i Coupé 326 7.7–6.6 179-154
BMW 440i xDrive Coupé 326 7.9–7.0 185-162
BMW 420d Coupé 190 4.5–4.0 119-106
BMW 420d xDrive Coupé 190 4.7–4.4 125-117
BMW 430d Coupé 258 5.1–4.9 134-129
BMW 430d xDrive Coupé 258 5.4–5.2 142-137
BMW 435d xDrive Coupé 313 5.6–5.4 147-143
BMW 4 Series Cabrio Horsepower (HP) fuel Consumption CO2 Emissions
BMW 420i Cabrio 184 6.6–5.8 153-136
BMW 430i Cabrio 252 7.0–5.9 162-138
BMW 430i xDrive Cabrio 252 6.7–6.4 156-149
BMW 440i Cabrio 326 7.2–6.8 167-159
BMW 440i xDrive Cabrio 326 7.6–7.3 177-169
BMW 420d Cabrio 190 5.1–4.4 134-116
BMW 430d Cabrio 258 5.5–5.3 144-139
BMW 435d xDrive Cabrio 313 5.9–5.7 155-151
BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe Horsepower (HP) fuel Consumption CO2 Emissions
BMW 420i Gran Coupé 184 6.1–5.5 141-127
BMW 430i Great Coupé 252 6.5–5.5 151-129
BMW 430i xDrive Gran Coupé 252 6.2–5.9 144-138
BMW 440i Great Coupé 326 6.8–6.6 159-154
BMW 440i xDrive Gran Coupé 326 7.4–7.1 172-165
BMW 418d Gran Coupé 150 4.5–4.1 118-107
BMW 420d Gran Coupé 190 4.5–4.0 119-106
BMW 420d xDrive Gran Coupé 190 4.9–4.5 129-118
BMW 430d Gran Coupé 258 5.3–5.1 139-134
BMW 430d xDrive Gran Coupé 258 5.5–5.3 145-140
BMW 435d xDrive Gran Coupé 313 5.7–5.6 150-146

BMW Serie 4 2017 - frontal

this is the new look of the BMW 4 Series is 2017.

BMW M4 2017: ultimate sport of the Series 4

What is the news offers us the version more sporty and radical that we can find in the family of the 4 Series? The new BMW M4 Coupe and M4 Cabrio now incorporate of series the headlights Full-LED adaptive. On the other hand, the rear lights, also in LED technology, presented a renewed design, and cool. Both models also feature the new version of the browser and the system BMW ConnectedDrive.

If we take a look under the hood of the BMW M4 Coupe and M4 Cabrio, we find the same engine seen to date, a 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo inline six-cylinder that develops 431 HP and 550 Nm. We choose the serial configuration, although the package of the Competition we will have the possibility to raise the power a few extra horses.