BMW 5 Series, 2017, finally revealed


New image and a lot of technology.

The new 5-Series G30 sedan BMW has been finally revealed, although a few hours before we could get to know your new design, thanks to an opportune filtration from a forum of fans of the brand, we showed the first official images full model, after many months of spy photos and recreations.

The new BMW 5 Series is born with the goal of continuing to be one of the references of the segment And, where it is precisely one of the leading players along with their closest German rivals, Mercedes E Class and Audi A6.

To do this, BMW has developed this new generation on the platform CLAR (Cluster Architecture), that will share with the current technological and 7 Series and that it includes in its construction with the concept of lightweight design BMW EfficientLightweight. Besides being the first BMW to feature the revolutionary system 3D modeling, which employs an optical cell measurement automatic, which allows you to review all the vehicle and to detect possible imperfections or deviations, greatly increasing the manufacturing quality.


Up to 100 kilos less compared to its predecessor.

The new frame has double-wishbone front suspension with elements in aluminium, while the back is a new axis of to five arms made of light alloy. Optionally, the client can choose the active steering integral, that allows you to turn also the rear wheels and that is now also available with the system all-wheel drive xDrive.

The use of the new platform CLAR of the 7 Series allows the 5-Series G30 can boast of having lowered their weight in about 100 kilograms, as announced by the brand, despite being slightly larger, 4.935 mm long, 1,868 mm wide and with a height of 1.466 mm

which joined the new and spectacular figure of aerodynamic resistance, with a cx of just 0.22 for the body-saloon, will allow this generation to be the most aerodynamic of the German manufacturer, increasing its efficiency by up to 12 percent. It boasts a combined fuel of just 3.8 litres/100 km in the version BMW 520d EfficientDynamics.


active Steering available comprehensive with the transmission xDrive.

In terms of design, as we mentioned just a few hours, the new 5-Series 2017 is not only a mere aesthetic evolution of the previous generation. The designers of the German brand have reinterpreted the lines of the current 7-Series, adapting it to the new package of this generation of 5 Series, achieving even a picture more dynamic, less monolithic than that of his older brother.

Its larger size will allow for greater interior spaciousness. According to the brand’s German, you will have the highest altitude in the passenger compartment, as well as more legroom in the rear bench. Your trunk is now cubic to 530 litres before folding down seatbacks.

Your boot shopping will be the February 11, 2017 initially, the new 5-Series will feature a range of mechanical composed by 4 engines, two petrol and two diesel with a particle filter SCR, for later we await the arrival of plug-in hybrid. All variants mechanical will have rear-wheel-drive series and will be available as an optional accessory the all-wheel drive system xDrive and unless the version 520d, all the 5-Series will count with the automatic transmission Steptronic 8-speed.

530i 540i 520d 530d
Motor 4-cylinder 6 cylinders 4 cylinders 6 cylinders
Displacement 1.998 cc 2.998 cc 1.995 cc 2.993 cc
Combustible gasolina gasolina diésel diésel
Transmisión Steptronic 8v Steptronic 8v Manual 6v – Steptronic 8v Steptronic 8v
Power 252 HP 340 HP 190 HP 265 CV
Par 350 Nm 450 Nm 400 Nm 620 Nm
Consumption (xDrive) 5.4 l/100 (5.7 l/100) 6.5 l/100 (6.7 l/100) 4.1 l/100 (4.2 l/100) 4.5 l/100 (4.7 l/100)

the section of The new technology is remarkable, the 5-Series opens new applications and functionalities that differ widely from their competitors, as the new key system Display Key, consisting of a wrench with a screen that allows us to remotely control the vehicle in a parking lot, or control systems such as air conditioning. This tong has a color touchscreen, which also displays various vehicle parameters, such as the level of fuel.

The system BMW iDrive account now with touch screen 10,25 inches, that we can operate through the controller, the touchscreen, voice commands, or even by gesture commands. Besides counting with a system Head-up Display of greater size, up to a 70 percent larger. Another of the most interesting innovations is the new system Remote 3D View, which has already presented BMW a few weeks ago and built through multiple cameras, an image of the environment of the vehicle, which can be even accessed from the smartphone of the user.

The functionality of driving assistance have been significantly improved in this model. Note that you can now operate the wizard of lane departure between 70 and 210 km/h, by returning the vehicle to its trajectory correct automatically. The technology package, and infotainment of the new 5 Series, 2017
it is very extensive, which we will analyze and examine in the
next few hours.