BMW 5 Series 2017, first recreations based on the Series 7

BMW Serie 5 2017One of the latest additions to the range BMW has been the new 7-Series. As a flagship, it will depend on many of the models that appear in the next few years, among them the new BMW 5 Series 2017. The saloon has large German complete makeover in a couple of years, and we already know how it could be from a recreations based on the new 7-Series.

At a glance, it seems that DesignRM has relied heavily on the design of the luxury saloon in order to give life to the 5-Series. He revisits some of the key points of design, such as the new front with headlights more elongated, but also a new rear square, with a couple more large and a dual-exit exhaust integrated into design.

BMW Serie 5 2017The side view leaves us with the chrome trim also makes an appearance in the Series 7, a moulding which incorporates in its front part a gill, a detail that is slowly extending the range. The result is a car more sporty, with a more modern look and refined, and that logically it will be customizable.

Its interior is still not what we know but insurance is based on the top model range. The technology will be their flag, introducing new systems such as the parking by remote control or the gestural control for the multimedia system that has done so much gala BMW.

Is soon to launch to say what a mechanical will be part of the range BMW 5 Series, 2017, but it is very likely that we will see a motor of 3 cylinders as access. Still we have to wait for more details, although what is more certain is that over the next year 2016 we begin to know him through different advances.

Source – DesignRM

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