BMW 5 Series, 2017: loaded with new technology


The new generation of the Series 5 2017.

Today has been the day chosen by BMW to unveil officially the new 5 Series, 2017. The seventh generation of the sedan of the segment And of the firm of Munich, that in this new iteration gives an important qualitative leap.

Based on the new platform CLAR that it shares with the current 7-Series, it has a size only slightly higher than that of its predecessor, although its renovated frame now has elements in lightweight materials, as the double-wishbone front suspension with aluminum elements or the new rear axle, five arms made in light alloy.

But where we find the greatest number of novelties is in the section of technology, with a number of novelties in the section of the equipment of comfort and safety systems.


Design clearly BMW, but finishes more eye-catching.

The vehicle itself records the size of the wheels and in addition to indicate the pressure of the tires is able to warn of the change according to the season or to calculate the wear.

In the interior, the customer has items such as the touch of the controls of the seats, which can be visualized with an animation on the new screen of 10.25 inches central. There is an available seat, multi-function, which incorporates massage function thanks to 20 cameras of air from within the seat inflate or deflate independently.

The new Series 5 features the new generation of control gesture that made its debut last year in the BMW 7 Series. Now the driver can operate the browser, phone, and various functions through gestures, voice, operating the touch screen, or from the same remote control controller iDrive.


The 5-Series sedan debuts new equipment.

In the dashboard find the new system Head-up Display available to this generation, is of 800×400 pixels, a 70 ciemuch greater than the previous one.

The new 5-Series G30 also features a system of wireless charging for smartphone, which will be able to enjoy Wifi connectivity to a total of ten different devices. In addition, the new model has Apple CarPlay for iPhone users.

In respect to the systems of driving assistance, the new 5-Series features striking innovations. On the one hand, the Dynamic Cruise Control DCC can operate up to 250 km/h, operating in conjunction with the Active Cruise Control ACC, that relying on the readings from the radar, adjusts the speed according to the conditions of real traffic, and can operate up to 210 km/h of speed and adjusting your speed according to the readings of the traffic signals, which once read are sent to a database of the brand constantly updated navigation maps.


LED Headlights and a new camera in the windshield.

In the same way, those hazards that can be detected are also sent to the central system from BMW that alerts the rest of the brand models that have the services BMW ConnectedDrive.

With the package Driving Assistant Plus, we can find new and improved functionalities, such as the assistant to hold the lane, making corrections on the steering wheel to automatically return to the right track, or lane departure warning, which can detect vehicles in the blind spot, returning automatically the vehicle to the lane is original. These systems operate on wide ranges of speed, up to 210 and 180 km/h respectively.

One of the novelties most striking is the key display, an optional key-lock that has a screen, which allows you to manoeuvre the vehicle from the outside. Allowing access to the tightest spaces of a car park and operate various vehicle functions remotely, such as air conditioning or engine start-up.


new gagdets for the 5-Series set it apart from its competition.

The parking attendant also allows you to use spaces that only have 80 cms more than the actual length of the vehicle.

The function Remote 3D View it is also one of the novelties of the new 5-Series, allowing to display remotely a picture of the vehicle from an aerial perspective, showing in addition a three-dimensional representation of the traffic around the vehicle, all visible from your own smartphone user.