BMW 5 Series 2017, more details of the sedan that will arrive at the Detroit motor show

BMW Serie 5 2017 teaser BMW 5 Series 2017 is one of the vehicles most eagerly-awaited of the German mark and now know more details about him. Although it has already been shown in some teasers, the sedan will be officially presented at the Salon de Detroit, in January 2017. He would follow the family version Touring, which would see the light in march at the Geneva motor show. Subsequently be submitted to the 5 Series GT, probably at the Frankfurt show.

This complete calendar comes to us through our fellow, which also unveil some details of the new model. As we already know, will be developed on the platform CLAR (CLuster ARchitecture), which was already used by the BMW 7-Series. Thanks to the use of lightweight materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber, the new 5-Series could be to 100 kg lighter that the current.

BMW Serie 5The new saloon will have a equipment unpublished to date. We speak of aspects as prominent as a steering system to four-wheel – . Powerful versions may have a rear axle directional, which improves its maneuverability. The suspension will be reviewed, although optionally it will be able to equip one more sport with adaptive shock absorbers. Do not miss the system BMW Drive Experience, with different driving modes.

Will showcase technological developments in safety and driving aids. It will highlight the adaptive cruise control with “stop-and-go”, which allows the BMW 5-Series is semi-autonomously at speeds of up to 130 km/h. Thanks to a series of cameras and sensors will work as an auto-pilot and will be provided with braking assisted. There will also be elements that we already saw in the Series 7 as is the gestural control or the parking remote.

BMW Serie 5 2017

Recreation of the BMW 5 Series, 2017 by RM Design

The range of engines is one of the best kept secrets of the BMW 5-Series. Apparently will be very large, having in total more than ten versions. If we started with the diesel we will have the 518d as access to the range with 150 HP, and possibly three-cylinder. We continue with four-cylinder 520d with 190 HP and the 525d with 231 HP. We went to the six-cylinder with the 530d 258 HP, the 540d xDrive 313 HP, and the M550d as a top of the range diesel with 400 HP.

we Jump to the gas starting with the 520i (184 HP and with the 525i 231 HP. The new engine TwinPower four-cylinder and 2.0-liter the premiere of the 530i with 252 HP and automatic gearbox eight-speed. Above will be the 540i with 326 HP, the M550i with 450 HP, and the almighty BMW M5 to reach 600 HP. In the range there will also be room for three plug-in hybrids: 530e (280 HP), 540e (326 HP) and 550.

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BMW Series 5

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