BMW 5 Series, 2017, revealed new details of its exterior and interior

BMW Serie 5 2017 - teaser

Part of the exterior design of the BMW 5 Series, 2017 uncovered.

we’re to recent advances of the new BMW 5 Series 2017 before it is presented to the public so imminent in just a few days. More specifically, the 13th of October. However, to see it live will have to wait until the Salon of the Car of Detroit 2017 the month of January. In these last two videos posted by BMW, the brand focuses on two key aspects of the new generation of the well-known luxury saloon. The driving semi-autonomous and the technological.

In the first case, it is something that we have already commented in some occasion, the new BMW 5 Series 2017 will have driving systems and semi-autonomous. A first step that BMW defines the path of the driving fully autonomous. The new 5-Series will equip the ACC system that, thanks to a whole series of sensors and cameras, will be able to recognize the signs of trafficking and the limits of the road to adapt the vehicle’s speed. And in the case of be necessary, if the system detects any object on the road, you can completely stop the vehicle.

Another of the great revolutions that we offer you the new generation of the BMW 5-Series will be your (technological, becoming one of the most advanced models of its segment. Many of the technologies with which we will not be familiar, and logical, as, for example, are currently in the range of the BMW 7-Series. One of them will be the “Remote View 3D“.

The technology driving semi-autonomous will be very present in this new generation of the BMW 5-Series.

In the following teaser video released by BMW, we can see how acts such application in the new BMW 5 Series, 2017. We will be able to see and know everything that happens every moment around our vehicle. A technology that is very useful when performing maneuvers of parking or to certify that it is all right around our vehicle in case of having it parked in a place without surveillance.

on the other hand and as a reminder, it is interesting to refresh some data on the new BMW 5-Series that will be released in just a few days. The new generation will be mounted on the platform CLAR (Cluster Architecture), an architecture that already premiered in its day, the BMW 7-Series. Thanks to this, and the use of lighter materials like aluminum or carbon fiber, the new 5-Series will be able to reduce their weight in about 100 kilograms over its predecessor.

(mechanic of the BMW 5 Series, 2017 will be comprised of both block of gasoline or diesel with a range of power situated between the 184 HP and 450 HP. We will also find different versions that will make use of a system plug-in hybrid. And to crown the range, the BMW M5 with its powerful V8 engine, whose power rises to 600 HP.

So is the experience “Remote 3D View” in the new BMW 5 Series, 2017. Remote control system for car parking in 3D.

that being said, the 13 of October will be released the new BMW
5 series, 2017, while his first big debut in society will be in the living Room
Car Detroit in the month of January next year 2017.