BMW 5 Series, 2017: the seventh generation of the sedan German already has prices

BMW Serie 5 2017

The new BMW 5 Series 2017 has a starting price of 49.400€.

The new generation of the sedan German is finalizing the details for landing at dealerships Spanish. Although the first units of the new BMW 5 Series, 2017 will not come until the month of February next year, BMW has already revealed all prices of its new model, which we detail throughout this article. Initially the range will consist of eight options divided equally between gasoline and diesel.

With a starting price of 49.400 € to the version of access set by the BMW 520d, will also be the only option associated with a change manual of six speeds, as the rest of the range will be available coupled to an automatic transmission Steptronic eight relations. The range of powers available from his arrival will be between the 190 HP and 340 HP. Although it did not specify when, BMW said that it will expand the product offering in both diesel as in gasoline.

In comparison with its predecessor, the new generation of the BMW 5-Series ranks as the most advanced level of efficiency, dynamism, technology and sportiness ever created by the German engineers. It inherits many of the elements already seen on the new BMW 7-Series such as the key BMW Display Key or the lightweight construction concept of the BMW EfficientLightweight by the new 5-Series has been able to reduce its weight by 100 kilograms. Thanks, in part, to the platform CLAR.

BMW Serie 5 2017 - posterior

The first units of the new BMW 5-Series will not arrive at dealers until February of 2017.

although their design is qualified of continuity, the new 5-Series is presented before us with an image more refined and elegant, thanks to all the changes. Again, it is clear the influence that has had the Series 7. LED headlights fitted as standard, the feature type grille “kidney” ” double of BMW or its elongated silhouette are some of the highlights of the new design.

technology is, as we say, one of the strong points of the new BMW 5 Series, 2017. Through the system iDrive, and your screen is 10.2 inches, we might have controlled the whole system of info-entertainment. The possibility of using Apple’s CarPlay puts the note of connectivity. We also have the HUD that increases its size or the new system Remote 3D View.

Another aspect to highlight in the new 5-Series is that we are before a model that moves towards the conduction autonomous. May be equipped with a whole series of systems and technologies, driving semi-autonomous. The driving aids are numerous and among them are the assistant, lane departure, warning, cross traffic, active protection anti-collision side.

BMW Serie 5 2017 - interior

The interior of the new generation of the BMW 5-Series is loaded with new technology.

Prices of the BMW 5 Series, 2017 España

Motorización Cambio Potencia P.V.P.
530i Automático 252 HP 56.400 €
530i xDrive Auto 252 HP 58.400 €
540i Auto 340 HP 67.500 €
540i xDrive Auto 340 HP 70.500 €
520d Manual 190 HP 49.400 €
520d xDrive Auto 190 HP 54.300 €
530d Auto 265 CV 61.900 €
530d xDrive Auto 265 CV 63.300 €