BMW 5-Series GT in 2016, once more discovered before being presented


The cold of Sweden will be put to the test in the new BMW 5 Series GT

it’s been almost a whole month that we didn’t see the BMW 5-Series GT in 2016 circular in its stage of development and testing. But once more what we have done, but we’ve had to go to Sweden to find it. It is here where several units are to be subjected to the usual tests of extreme cold.

In terms of its design, a few changes we can see compared to other times that we have discovered. From the beginning, the 5-Series GT 2016 has shown to be almost definitive, although it is true that the heavy camouflage obscures the view with more detail in certain areas as the rear, you will receive important modifications with respect to the current model.

The lag seems to be better built, with a design that is more elaborate than the current one, which has always been too different with respect to other models. Andn this occasion we see a crossing of paths between the BMW 3 Series GT and the 4 Series GC. A good change that is sure that will continue allowing you to have that awesome extra space.


The measures do not appear to be modified with respect to the current model

The front also guess big changes. This area is modelled on the BMW 5 Series, 2016 which is also next to be presented in a formal way, this new year is about to begin. Both models have the new face, with a grill more closely and headlights more in line with the new designs of BMW.

The GT, like the sedan normal to highlight once more on the majority for their quality, design, comfort and technology. Very important points and surely BMW has managed to strengthen for this new generation. Above all, the technology, which, as we mentioned in the sole, will be able to rival that of its older brother, the BMW 7 Series 2015.

The latest-generation technology not only reach the interior or to the security, but it will also in engines. BMW prepares a revolution of mechanics to the BMW 5-Series. There will be units diesel units gas units more or less powerful, but there will also be hybrid models, plug-in and rechargeable by induction, as versions powered by fuel cells.


behind, very camouflaged, appear to be better integrated with the rest of the design

that Is to say that there will be many changes to the BMW 5-Series. Changes should strengthen the bet of BMW for the segment of sedans. We’ll find out soon, since is expected to make an appearance at the Geneva motor show the next month of march. Before you reach your opponent more direct, the Mercedes E-Class 2016, which already has shown us its impressive interior.