BMW 5-Series Touring 2017, now in video and letting themselves be heard

Sure that if you follow our section on spy photos, you will realize that it is not the first time that we discover the BMW 5-Series Touring 2017 camouflaged and in the testing phase. What we have seen on many occasions previously, but never before have we had the occasion to see it in motion.

The BMW 5-Series is going to be renovated from head to toe. we are Not faced with a simple restyling or facelift, we are faced with a new generation. A generation that will amaze all and sundry by the qualitative leap that will be with respect to the current model. Both from the point of view of design and quality as well as from the technological point of view.

as can be seen in the images the new 5-Series will switch from the aesthetic point of view. Other spy photos show that the change will not be radical, but enough to adjust to the new philosophy of design of BMW. A line continuation but will include improvements such as the headlights with technology Adaptative LED series.


as for the interior, we must recognize that the current generation has fallen a bit behind with respect to the competition and the rest of their brethren in range. Of course will keep the quality, although it will improve the way in which you present the technology, as well as the livability and interior space. Especially in the case of the Touring.

But this generation of the 5 Series will be known for the technology deployment that will accompany you. BMW wants to fight with the new Mercedes E-Class, and it is for this reason that we will see a model more akin to the BMW 7-Series. Introduced last generation systems, such as the conduct autonomous and augmented reality.

Mechanically the review will be complete. All the blocks will be modified and renovated to be more efficient and respectful with the environment. The range will be shared by all the versions, including the BMW 5-Series GT 2017, which will arrive soon after the saloon, and before the family Touring.


BMW already is not a novice in this hybridization, and therefore, as we tell you exclusive it months ago, and will be implemented in versions hybrid and hybrid plug-in system of charging by induction. Soon we will see it in full, so your presentation is scheduled for the Paris Salon of the month of October.