BMW 5-Series Touring M Performance, the family that wants to be M

BMW Serie 5 Touring M Performance

in early January, BMW was announced the family version of its saloon media, the BMW 5-Series Touring. This model includes the same technology and engines than its counterpart in four-door, but obviously the bodywork has been modified in its final part, in order to achieve a greater capacity and ease of loading. But this does not mean that it can’t be a sports car, as demonstrated by BMW with their version 5-Series Touring M Performance.

you Can be a parent and you may like the sportiness, why not? Even though the practical thing is the versatility and the comfort, it is not necessary to forget about everything that seem sporting. That is what you want to show us the BMW 5-Series Touring M Performance. It is true that it does not reach the level of the future BMW M5, which we are anxious to know, but the extra spicy that provide the “additives” M Performance may be valid for many customers.

BMW Serie 5 Touring M Performance

5 Series Touring to improve its performance thanks to the “Power Kits” and, according to the own brand bavarian, without having an impact on the pollutant emissions and fuel consumption data. For the BMW 540i xDrive Touring is offering a power kit and sound performance increases of 34 HP and 50 Nm obtaining, therefore, figures of 360 HP and 500 Nm. The sound of exhaust also improves with this set, in addition to providing an aesthetically more sporty in its rear.

exhaust system BMW M Performance is offered both in the 540i xDrive Touring, in the 530i Touring. Surprised not only to stay in the range of gasoline, as it can be installed in the engines diesel 520d, 530d and 530d xDrive Touring. Says a BMW that in all of the versions provides a distinctive sound and which also improves the lag visually, as we have already commented. Depending on the motorization and the equipment will have two queues of exhaust-rounded or trapezoidal, and chrome or carbon fiber.

BMW Serie 5 Touring M Performance

on the other hand, you can install a suspensions more sports and a system of brakes with perforated discs and red front calipers fixed, 4-piston aluminum calipers floating single piston in the rear end. tires offered by M Performance are 20 inch and a specific design that fit tires 245/35 front and 375/30 behind.

In terms of the outward appearance, the pieces offered by M Performance in this 5 Series Touring, as a complement to the package, M Sport, equipped with front bumper carbon fiber and a diffuser split in the rear area also made from carbon fiber, although the latter may be polyurethane. Mirror housings in carbon fiber, “kidneys” on the front in black and some stickers are other possibilities of customization that it offers BMW M Performance in the exterior of the BMW 5-Series Touring.

BMW Serie 5 Touring M Performance

In the interior, we can equip the sedan family of a passenger compartment is also more dynamic. The steering wheel, with cams for the management of the change machine, comes upholstered in alcantara with stitching gray and the always sports center mark.

To finish, BMW reminds us that riding these equipment will not affect the warranty of the vehicle as these are original products of BMW and is sold and installed in its own network of dealers.

BMW Series 5
From 41.500 euro