BMW 530e and 540e: do two versions hybrid, plug-in for the next BMW Series 5?

One of the major releases of BMW in the newly released 2016 will be the new generation of the BMW 5 Series, a new 5-Series that you have to see the faces with a also next new generation of the Mercedes E-Class, and to whom is attributed already in its range of engines two options for hybrid, plug-in.

According to point from both alternatives would have the possibility to recharge their batteries by induction. is in charge of pointing to the arrival of these two hybrid options, the two options that would come under the denomination of BMW 530e and BMW 540e and that we would be proposing 280 and 326 hp (jointly) respectively.

Both would be provided with a block gasoline 4-cylinder and 2-liter cubicaje, turbo, as a mechanical “conventional”, supported by a set electric that would enjoy a capability to operate in stand-alone mode, consuming only the energy stored in their batteries, a few 30-35 km.

The version “conventional” of the BMW 5-Series come in the Paris and this hybrid versions would be presented a few months later, in 2017.

Previous rumors already we had discussed the possibility of meeting with a chassis that is formed in aluminum and polymers reinforced with carbon fiber, as we are already in the BMW 7 Series. Expect also new features such as the headlights laser, multimedia system with gestural control, train dynamic rear or that key “smart” able to make that the BMW 5-Series park without a driver behind its wheel.