BMW 6 Series 2018, hunted his version Cabrio

BMW Serie 6The German brand is expected to launch the new generation of its BMW 6 Series in the coming years. The rumors about this family we don’t stop, as the latest reports claim that the company could replace this supply for a new 8 Series or create this from versions of the same 6 Series. For the moment it has been hunted these days, that would be the version Cabriolet BMW 6 Series 2018, a catch that a few doubts take us out for the mule of the evidence in question has plenty of camouflage.

it Is expected that the new generation of the BMW 6-Series to land in 2018. The rumors that fly about this family we do not put things easy, as each one points to an unexpected result. A few weeks ago came news that indicated that the brand I wanted to sell back the 8 Series, and that under this name would sell a coupe of the long battle that would rival directly with the Mercedes S-Class Coupe.

BMW Serie 6To reach this new model, the 6 Series could disappear and in its place find a new family with a name that already existed in past times. In it, we would find the same way a version Cabrio, as found in the current 6-Series. A mule of evidence of what would be the new generation of the BMW 6 Series Convertible has been hunted in the testing phase, although we still can’t confirm whether this version because we still don’t know what will be the future of this series.

For the moment we have limited ourselves to analyze the mule tests, and I tell you that little has served. The abundant camouflage can not see too much of the body, guessing only a battle of generous dimensions and sleek lines. Although, the photographers who have been able to keep in your camera this vehicle will ensure that, despite being a soft top, below the same suggesting a fully enclosed cab. I judge yourselves!

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