BMW 6 Series convertible 2018: the view for the first time


The first time that is left to see this version open.

This is the first occasion on which it has been possible to photograph the new variant convertible a successor to the current BMW 6 series. This prototype is completely camouflaged, but you can’t hide your clear canvas roof practicable, which seems to hide more secrets than what is seen with the naked eye, since according to our photographers, under the canvas textile black is a rigid structure.

In recent months we have encountered with a number of prototypes for tests of this new generation. Prototypes that do not clear up the doubts about the positioning that the German brand will give this line of product.

Earlier rumors placed BMW by eliminating the 6-series in favor of two new models. On the one hand sports a smaller size, intended to compete against the Porsche 911 and the recent Mercedes-AMG GT, and on the other, the possible resurrection of the short-lived Series 8.


Lines very fluid and dimensions similar to those of the 6-Series current.

The emergence of this new series of prototypes, of characteristics very similar to the current 6 Series coupe and cabrio, they seem to indicate that the true intentions of the brand of Munich is the not really eliminate this range, either keeping it or rebautizándola under the banner number 8, leaving the position of small sport of the future BMW Z5, which will have in addition of the body roadster with a coupe version closed.


If the prototypes previously hunted in the coupe version we showed a Gran Turismo of measures and proportions are extremely similar with the series 6 current, the model convertible that appears in the images confirms those feelings, as it shows large similarities with the 6-series Cabrio that we can still find in dealerships.

The characteristics and dimensions of this coincide with those of the prototype closed studied previously. On this occasion, the lines of the open version are displayed even more fluid, highlighting low height that seems to show the system sunroof.


canvas Roof practicable for the new model.

As we pointed out at the beginning, at the exterior, the hood is unambiguously of type textile. However, under the cloth seems to be some kind of rigid structure, as stated by our photographers. This could be just a mere optical effect, or the sign of the presence of a roof structure more blunt than usual in this type of systems.