BMW 6 Series GT: a look at the successor to the 5-Series GT, and with less camouflage

BMW Serie 6 GT - foto espía

the successor to The 5-Series Gran Turismo will be renamed to BMW 6 Series GT.

In recent days, we have seen many developments with regard to the new BMW 5 Series, 2017. The new generation of the sedan German is already a reality and very soon will be accompanied by a whole series of variants that conform to a family well-stocked with different versions and options to suit all tastes. However, there will be a member that we will miss. Or maybe not. We talked about the BMW 5-Series GT.

although during these last months, we have published various spy pictures of the BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo, the development of the new generation will arrive loaded with many more new features than those discussed to date. And one of them is the change of name. What we knew as BMW 5-Series GT is “dead”. It is the time of to prepare for the arrival on the market of the BMW 6 Series GT.

The new 5-Series GT will be called the BMW 6 Series GT

Since we came to the market in the year 2009, its extravagant combination of sports sedan, coupe, and certain touches, own a vehicle’s family has served the BMW 5-Series GT to win followers supporters as critics. With the arrival of the new generation under the auspices of the BMW 6-Series, the new BMW 6 Series GT will offer a more differentiated and own.

BMW Serie 6 GT - foto espía lateral

The new BMW 6 Series GT will arrive at dealers in the year 2017.

In these new spy photos in we can see a prototype 6-Series Gran Turismo caught by our photographers. Jumps to the view that has become to lose camouflage. It is gradually shedding the “coat” used by the German engineers to disguise their forms. However, the line profile and leave no margin for doubt. We are looking at the successor to the current BMW 5-Series GT.

A curious detail of these spy pictures of what we found in one of its windows. And that is you can catch a glimpse of a paper on which are written some technical details of this testing unit. We can see that it is a model 630D with all-wheel drive xDrive. On the other hand, and if we look at the front, thanks to the withdrawal of part of camouflage left we can see most clearly the shape of new air intakes, the grille or the bumper.

¿When it will come to the market? The information current point to a launch by the middle of next year to 2017. It is yet to see the scenario that will choose BMW for its implementation over in society. Although the Detroit Auto show 2017 remains the most plausible for his presentation. In any case, we will not see it at dealerships until well into next year.

BMW Serie 6 GT - foto espía posterior

The prototype tests of the BMW 6 Series GT begin to lose camouflage.