BMW 7-Series Rose Quartz, exclusively for Japan

bmw-750li-rose-quartz-japonCurrently the model more elegant, luxurious and comfortable of the German firm BMW is your vehicle of larger size, the BMW 7-Series. This model has been created with the focus towards a vehicle of representation, one of those cars that is best enjoyed in the squares back in the driver’s seat. To raise even more the luxury of this great saloon-German, BMW launches a editing call Number 7 Rose Quartz, which for the moment only be offered in Japan.

A touch of style more special and differentiated, that is what brings the edition Rose Quarzt. The color used to “dress” your great body is, precisely, the Rose Quartz, hence its name. Also found some wheels 20-inch design multirradio and, of course, a multitude of chrome details that enhance the elegance of the grand saloon BMW.

In the passenger compartment, and although the brand has not provided images, account with leather Merino in white for the upholstery of seats, door panels and upholstery from the ceiling. It also has a good number of inserts in wood, which demonstrates the high elegance that offers this BMW 7-Series Rose Quartz. There is a panoramic roof, seat function, massage in the rear seats, and a plaque identifying the issue in the thresholds of the doors.

All units that are produced from this edition BMW 7-Series Rose Quartz will use the version 750Li as a basis. This means that you have the body of a long battle with by 5.24 meters in length and under the hood, the engine V8 biturbo 4.4-liter that emanate from 450 hp and 650 Nm, which is transmitted to the tarmac through the rear axle. Figures of power and torque enough to move this sedan 2 tons of weight and the four occupants that is capable of accommodating in its interior with a lot of ease.