BMW 730Li, with four cylinders in China


China, a very important market for BMW, it has a special predilection for the sedans long wheelbase, such as the BMW 7-Series long. Now, the 740i (326 HP) can be excessive as model gasoline basic. A four-cylinder two-liter would have a lower tax burden, very important in a car that is imported from Germany.

According to -after seeing some papers that are filtered-approval – the new 730Li to China will feature the 2.0 TwinTurbo (B48) of gasoline, which almost nailed the power of the 3.0 L6 the maximum power of the previous generation. This four-cylinder is the one that is used in the new BMW 330i, as a result of the policy of downsizing of the German mark.

this is Not the first four-cylinder engine that is mounted in a 7-Series, recall that the 740e, a plug-in hybrid, also uses the engine in question. Like his older brothers, will be a model of propulsion rear with a gearbox eight-speed boxes, manuals start to be a rarity in the segment F.

The move to put a four cylinder in a car range so high is not new, it is enough to remember that the Porsche Macan is also sold with a motor of this type in the chinese market, and is not available in Europe with the steering wheel to the left. If the Series 3 may already have three-cylinder engines, why not a 7 Series is going to be able to have four?