BMW 740e iPerformance: what is the price of the BMW 7-Series plug-in hybrid?

BMW announces the price of the BMW 740e iPerformance, the hybrid version plug-in of the BMW 7 Series, a BMW 7 Series also offer us the luxury and the wide repertoire of good details that we know already from the rest of variants (see test of the BMW 7-Series) has the additional charm of the hybrid technology, allowing us to circulate in all-electric mode, with the advantage of use and the comfort that this entails, but… what is a lot more expensive that a version gasoline equivalent? Time to discover your price, price of BMW 740e iPerformance.

The BMW 740e iPerformance has a starting price of 103.455 euros, a price significantly lower than that of the BMW 750i, which starts from 123.632 euros and really close to the price of the BMW 730d 95.743 euros, with 265 horses and the BMW 740d xDrive, with a price of 105.943 euros, with 320 horses and all-wheel drive.

What offers us mechanically the BMW 740e iPerformance?

The BMW 740e iPerformance features a block 4-cylinder petrol and 2 litres of cubicaje, supercharged, together with the system plug-in hybrid develops a power of 326 hp, with a torque of 500 Nm, though its greatest charm lies in the possibility of circular up to 40 kilometres in all-electric mode.