BMW 8 Series 2020, is this the successor of the 6 Series Coupe?


After many speculations and rumors, a new BMW 8 Series is taking shape. The bavarian manufacturer has already begun with the development of a model aspiring to a level very high: it will be the true successor of the current BMW 6-Series, and will begin production towards 2019.

These are the first spy pictures of the BMW 8 Series Coupe, a future rival for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe within the two-door high-end. In these images you can see a prototype testing BMW 8 Series 2020, parked in the center of development of BMW in Munich.

With its exterior completely covered by camouflage, in this BMW 8 Series guess is a lot of similarities with one of the last prototypes of design exhibited by the manufacturer, the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe Concept that was unveiled at the 2013. The similarities in proportions and dimensions with the BMW 7 Series are evident, and the 8 Series Coupe will use the modular platform CLAR arising out of this.


Details of this testing unit of the BMW 8 Series yes they are very close to the production, as for example its front, or some exhaust outlets are completely integrated into the rear bumper. Body two doors and a long bonnet, its rear is also quite elongated, with a C-pillar very marked and small and sharp counters back.

About this new luxury coupe-and large-sized BMW, there are still many unknowns, which is normal given that it will be officially presented until 2019, starting their sale towards the last months of that year or as early as 2020. To begin with, your name: how BMW 8 Series, rescuing from oblivion the model of the nineties? it Is very feasible, since a few months, the manufacturer registered denominations for the range, from a 825 to 850 and M8.

Cannot be ruled out yet finally to be named as BMW 7 Series Coupe, or even keep the name of BMW 6 Series Coupe, although this last option seems the least likely: the model will grow in size and aspirations, and it will happen to the Series 6 going up a notch in many aspects.