BMW 9 Series, spotted the first mules of evidence

At the end of last year began to emerge the first rumors. BMW was looking for something beyond the 7-Series and the creation of a top model already hovered by the head of the leaders of the brand. Now, those first sketches, concept begin to take shape, as for the first time we sighted the mules of testing of the BMW Series 9.


The truck was carrying different models of BMW and these two Ghost’s unprotected camouflages

BMW is already comfortably positioned as one of the marks of luxury for excellence in all of the world. However the germans still have not shown their true potential, and this is where the Series 9 must occupy a reserved space for brands and more exclusive models, like their brethren of Rolls-Royce.

from now BMW and Rolls-Royce will be a way more cohesive. The English and the germans working together in the development of future models, as is the case of this great saloon conglomerate presence or the BMW X7, the future SUV’s twin Rolls-Royce Cullinam. Among they all share many elements.

One of them is the platform on which iran mounted, the so-called platform CLAR. BMW has long worked on the development of this new structure for their big models, the same that will be using the new future of the house of Goodwood. Its main feature will be the weight loss, thanks to the use of materials such as carbon fiber, composite or aluminum.


Under these bodies are hiding the new platform CLAR shared between Rolls-Royce and BMW

Many think that we are crazy, that what we see in images is a Rolls-Royce Ghost and point. But it is not. Our data suggest that these Ghost ride the platform to CLAR with the primary adjustments of the Series 9. The one and the other will have measures that are very similar, and therefore the use of the dimensions of the Rolls should be a mere matter of measures.

This means that the Series 9 will be larger than the BMW 7-Series, even more than the battle version extended. The overall dimensions reaching around between the 5.3 and 5.5 metres. That is to say a large saloon. But not only the steps will be similar, but so are the materials and finishes, work will be the responsibility of the division Individual BMW.

The technology will be mostly German, where , we can see the latest achievements of the brand, as the conduction autonomous and augmented reality. Elements that will be incorporated for the first time in the new BMW 5 Series that we will soon see. Also be integrated systems that for the moment we do not know, for until that is presented the Series 9 is a very long time.


No conclusions can be drawn with take a look at the interior, as it is a Ghost as any other

how Much? So not before 2019 or 2020. It may seem too much, but keep in mind that we are not talking about a model either. As is the case with the Rolls-Royce, the development and tuning of a car of this nature requires much time, much more than any conventional car.

In the paragraph aesthetic we have a basis on which to rely and so to imagine how it will be in the Series 9. This is the BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept presented in the Competition of Elegance Villa d’este two years ago. A design very similar will eventually arrive, and the intention is that you do not leave anyone indifferent.

In terms of mechanical, the BMW 9 Series will land with an ample supply. The strategy of BMW for the future hybridize to the entire range, and the great flagship will be no stranger to this. Therefore we cannot rule out the possibility of seeing some version plug-in Power eDrive. However, they also will be present to block gasoline from a large displacement, as the biturbo V8 and the V12 biturbo engine with up to 700 horsepower.


The mules of evidence came from Germany

throughout these years, we will be knowing more details of how it will be this large luxury saloon, signed by BMW. The first notes are spectacular, now only remain shape so as to be able to attack the higher levels of society. Taking this into account it only remains to assume that its price will be in line with the efforts applied. That is to say, a lot.