BMW Active Tourer Series 2 Plug-In Hybrid: 38 kilometers without using a drop of gasoline

The hybrid and plug-in technology has become the new spearhead of the efficiency of manufacturers premium Germans. The great hybrid sedan, technology moved to the SUV , and SUV now intends to release in models of compact dimensions. From Munich, engineers are already working on the next BMW Active Tourer Series 2 plug-in hybrid too long a name to remind us that it is a compact, hybrid minivan and plug, ie enjoying electric range enough to make some trips in pure electric mode, without consuming a drop of fuel. For now it is just a prototype, but in any case we must be aware that this model is almost ready to hit dealerships. Except surprise BMW should show us very soon in its final version.

The BMW Active Tourer Series 2 Plug-In Hybrid, plus hybrid and plug-in, enjoy driving all four wheels through the integration of an electric motor in the rear.

Why is it so important technical level? To begin with, it would be the first application that will BMW of this technology in a configuration of front engine and transverse position. It will be equipped with a [1.99901 million] three-cylinder engine TwinPower Turbo technology , which work directly providing traction to the front axle. We talk about an engine displacement of 1.5 liters, 136 hp and 220 Nm.

On leaving the crankshaft, we will find a motor / generator , which help generate power by harnessing the inertia, for example when go down a slope and the accelerator is released; increase the thrust in 15 kW and 150 Nm in intense accelerations; and will serve as a starter, for starting and stopping the heat engine smoother. In any case, the most important we have electric motor on the rear axle.


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Its performance will be worthy of Active Tourer 225i four-cylinder and 231 hp. It can travel 38 kilometers and reach speeds up to 130 km / h without spending a drop of gasoline.

With this kind of hybridization on BMW Active Tourer Series 2 plug-in hybrid would enjoy driving all four wheels without establishing a physical connection, via a shaft transmission between the front and rear. For this, the minivan will feature an electric motor on the rear axle that features a two-speed power transmission, 65 kW (88 hp) of power and 165 Nm. Management strength and this power transmission is automatic, so that thanks to the driving modes BMW be the car to decide at what point you have to work the heat engine, the electric motor or both simultaneously, to maximize performance, or maximize efficiency.

The most interesting is the fact that this minivan is capable of walk up to 38 kilometers in pure electric mode, and speeds up to 130 km / h without the combustion engine into operation . For this, the customer can recharge the batteries of your car plugging it into a conventional outlet. BMW ensures that this hybrid adaptation would not have seen her minivan sacrificed space, or passengers, or for charging. The batteries would have been located under the rear seats.

In short, this would be [1.99901 million] an alternative mechanical efficiency and saving, but also very fast . With a 0-100 km / h in 6.5 seconds, which is a tenth quicker in a sprint BMW Active Tourer 225i with four-cylinder engine and 231 hp. Which is not bad.

Source: BMW
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