BMW also wins the 24 Hours of Spa with the M6 GT3


The BMW M6 GT3 #99 of Rowe Racing has joined in the victory
in the 24 Hours of Spa
, thus giving the perfect replacement to the triumph achieved by
the BMW Z4 GT3 in last year’s edition. The new GT3 to the signing of Munich
has tax thanks to the good work of
Alex Sims, Philipp Eng and Maxime
, as well as to the optimization of the pit stops under the periods of
‘Full Course Yellow’, and in the moments in which the rain did act of
Podium for the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #88 and the Audi R8 LMS #28. The Bentey Andy Soucek is fourth.

With the six Mercedes-AMG GT3 excluded from superpole and
punished with five minutes of Stop&Go, Audi #28 was the first leader
of the 24 Hours of Spa, condition that was maintained until the first period of
‘FCY’, after which despistaba leaving the leadership to the Lamborghini #16 GTR
. A condition which went back to the second period of a race
neutralized, produced by
the strong accident of one of the Porsche Attempo
and the Ferrari #53
. This point allowed the Bentley Continental #8 solve the
prick slow and not wasting time on your stop.

With a Safety Car that lasted more than 70 minutes
have you done repairs on the protections, the dance leaders was
ultimately it was the Bentley #8 with Soulet at the wheel which is
he was left in the front
with the first drops of rain making act act
presnecia on track. Already by then, and when they meet the fourth hour of
career, some of the protagonists began to poke the head.
The BMW M6
GT3 #99 got the lead for the first time
, while the Audi #28, and the
Bentley #8 was rolled comfortably in the top five.


The accident Bentley #30 -in the competing Chris
Harris – triggered a new period of
‘Full Course Yellow’ gave way to a period
more or less clean in that the pilots were able to show their pace,
patent that the BMW #99 and the Bentley #8 were the big favorites
, in great
as for the great pace shown by Soulet in the first term and by the Andy
Soucek, a feeling that did not change with
the crash of the BMW #15 at Eau Rouge,
that caused the departure of the Safety Car. A brief high that would give way to

arbitrariness of the rain

Some rainfall with the night closed in on Spa caused
the accident of the Bentley #24
, mishap that resulted in new repairs in the
barriers and gave way to a merciless fight between the BMW #99 and the Bentley official.
The good pace of the Continental GT3 was assert, despite the repeated
sanctions and the spin suffered by the #8 to such an extent that when it is crossed
the ecuador of the race
both Bentley were leading the race with the permission of Audi
R8 LMS #6
it reached the leadership in the times of the pit stops

Two periods of ‘Full Course Yellow’ consecutive varied
the strategy of the teams head, changing the step to
Bentley #8
was sanctioned with a Drive Through for exceeding the driving times
. Of
new played a comeback but in a stint at night which brushed perfection
car of Andy Soucek encaramaba to the podium fighting back with the Audi #6 and
the BMW #99.
One lap behind was the Mercedes-AMG #84, which like all his
brothers was traced positions to reach the top
ten, taking advantage of the advantage of having greater variety in strategic moments
of rain.


To lack of less than six hours, two storms caused the
dance of slicks to rain tires and vice versa
, a period which also was
watered by the fire in the Audi #6 when I rode third with Chris Mies to the
steering wheel. A new period of ‘FCY’ favourable to Bentley #8, the puncture of the
Ferrari #50 when it was struggling to enter the top five and the period of
neutralization resulting from this mishap gave way at the key moment of the
career. And is that
the Bentley #8 before him with a ‘Full Course Yellow’ nothing more
pass the goal
, while the BMW #99 could go to the pits, charging them two

A final sanction of the Bentley #8 left in tray
victory for the BMW #99 in spite of the great storm lived a half hour from the end,
that was causing hydroplaning and accident for up to five cars. Taking advantage of the
sanction of Bentley,
second was the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #88 of Vautier, Rosenqvist
and Van der Zande
, while the third was the Audi R8 #28 of Vanthoor, Rast and
Müller. Fourth came the Bentley #8 taking advantage of his time penalty suffered
by the Mercedes-AMG #86, who fell to the fifth square.
Sixth, for its part was the
Mercedes #84 Baumann, Jaafar and Buhk

Unfortunately, the 24 Hours of Spa will not be pleased
I remember for Spanish riders
. Well it is true that Andy Soucek has taken
the Bentley #8 to the fourth position and got a good bag of points in the
controls intermediate, but has been left without a podium. For its part,
the Mercedes
#56 has finished 26th in a race to the against for Dani Juncadella and Miguel
by the penalty suffered by the GT3 of the brand. The Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3
#23 Lucas Ordonez after suffering mechanical problems has been 44th and
the Jaguar #14
Albert Costa has completed 53

Finally, it is worth noting that the triumph in the category
Pro-Am Cup has been for the Porsche 911 GT3 #76 IMSA Performance
driven by
Patrick Pilet, Maxime Jousse, Raymond Narac and Thierry Cornac. The quartet
French took advantage of the mistakes and losses of his rivals to score a victory that
they were not expecting. With a performance very similar,
the Ferrari 458 Italia #888 of Kessel
Racing won the AM Cup

final Classification of the 24 Hours of Spa

Position Pilots Car Time
1 Sims / Eng / Martin BMW M6 GT3 Rowe Racing 531 laps
2nd Vautier / Rosenqvist / Van der Zande Mercedes-AMG GT3 AKKA ASP +1:55.408
3rd Vanthoor / Rast / Müller Mercedes-AMG GT3 Team WRT +2:00.586
4th Soulet / Soucek / Reip Mercedes-AMG GT3 Bentley M-Sport +1 return
5th Jäger / Paffett / Götz Mercedes-AMG GT3 HTP Motorsport +1 return
6th Baumann / Jaafar / Buhk Mercedes-AMG GT3 HTP Motorsport +2 turns
7th Guilvert / Parisy / Haase Audi R8 LMS Sainteloc Racing +4 laps
8th De Leener / Baguette / Kaffer Audi R8 LMS Team WRT +4 laps
9th Salaquarda / Mortara / Sctockinger Lamborghini Huracán GT3 ISR +4 laps
10th Pilet / Jouse / Narac / Cornac* Bentley Continental GT3
IMSA Performance
+4 laps

* Winner category Pro-Am Cup.